Enjoy Fluffy Pancakes at These 4 Tempting Cafes in Osaka!

  • Fluffy pancakes have been a popular and trending food in Japan in recent years. They are especially popular among women in Japan, both young and old, who often enjoy eating pancakes with friends or alone. It is certainly a peaceful and enjoyable moment for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

    I have personally been to one of the cafes in Osaka to try out the famous fluffy pancake and my boyfriend was the only male in the café! So basically, if you see any males in a café famous for fluffy pancakes, it is highly likely that they are accompanying their female friends or relatives. It is rare to see a group of males eating fluffy pancakes. But I am sure it will gain popularity among all people as more places start making this delicious snack!

    1. Micasadeco & Café

    Earl Grey Ricotta Pancakes. #Itadakimasu #breakfast

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    Micasadeco & Café is a very popular place in Osaka and will certainly fulfill your craving for fluffy pancakes. Their ricotta cheese pancakes appear to be the most popular item on the menu. They also have other flavors of fluffy pancakes such as Earl Grey.

    In addition, they also have non-fluffy, flat, pancakes. Each customer is required to order at least one item in the café. The café is located around five minutes on foot from Osaka Namba Station.

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    2. Bran Café

    Bran Café is another café which is also popular for its fluffy pancakes which are called soufflé pancakes on their menu. The freshly baked soufflé pancakes are available three times a day at 11 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm.

    The soufflé pancakes are available in limited quantities, in fact, only 20 souffle pancakes are available at each time! The soufflé pancakes are available in the regular version, brulee version, and mixed berry version. Other than pancakes, Bran Café is also popular for their French toast and also seasonal offerings.

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    3. Locanda

    Locanda is located in the Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store directly underground from Osaka Umeda Station. Because it is in the department store, you can enjoy a visit even when there is heavy rain.

    ‘Locanda’ is an Italian word which carries the meaning of an inn (offering both food and accommodation). The most popular soufflé pancake here is the mixed berry with salted caramel. Other than pancakes, there are also crepes and refreshing shaved ice!

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    4. Café La Pause

    ・ 最後に食べたパンケーキ #osaka #pancakes

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    Café La Pause is located in JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan 10F in front of Osaka Station. It is a popular café in a convenient location. There are many cakes and pancakes to choose from. No doubt, this place is very popular among both locals and visitors. Due to its location on the 10th floor with a roof deck next to it, you can enjoy a great view while savoring your pancakes.

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    If you are craving desserts while you are in Osaka, the fluffy pancakes are definitely not to be missed! Try it and see why they are so popular in Japan. They also look great which means great photos!

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