Top 10 Magnificent Waterfalls in Japan

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  • It’s always nice to get away from pollution and work-related stress from time to time. The refreshing sound of water and the warm scent of nature simply heals. You can always choose the beach to hang out at, but if you prefer a rather greener view and to be close to the mountains, you might also want to go on a hike to the mountains.

    Japan is also known for its mountains sheltered with grand waterfalls. To date, there are 157 named waterfalls in Japan. Some of them are open for hikers and campers and all are equally majestic. Below is the top 10 list of waterfalls that you can add to your favorite destinations:

    1. Hagoromo Falls (羽衣の滝 Hagoromo-no-taki)


    The Hagoromo Waterfalls (Hagoromo-no-taki [羽衣の滝]; Hagoromo Falls or “Angel’s Robe Falls”) sits on the western side of Daisetsuzan National Park in Tenninkyo Gorge. The name Hagoromo means “feathered robe” or “celestial robe” depending on various sources.

    2. Garo Falls (“飛竜”賀老の滝 “Hiryu-” Garo-no-taki)


    Garo Falls, also called “Flying Dragon”, earned its name from the legend of a dragon king protecting the Matsumae clan’s treasure. With no basin, it often creates rainbows due to scattered waters always hitting the ground. It is best to go there during May or June or when autumn starts.

    3. Ryūsei-Ginga Falls (流星・銀河の滝 Ryūsei-Ginga-no-taki)


    The Ginga and Ryusei Falls are often referred to as the “Husband-and-Wife Falls”. What makes this twin falls stand out is the huge rock that bulges out in between the two waterfalls. If you want to have a less crowded and more peaceful waterfall experience, this is one of the best places to go to.

    4. Ashiribetsu Falls (アシリベツの滝 Ashiribetsu-no-taki)

    Ashiribetsu Falls during winter


    Found in Saporro, Ashiribetsu Falls is mostly attractive during winter due to its magical setup. The water turns almost frozen which creates a daunting look that both local villagers and tourists love.

    5. Oshinkoshin Falls (オシンコシンの滝 Oshinkoshin-no-taki)

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    Oshinkoshin Waterfall flows like a wide cape and has an elongated tree-covered rock in the middle that creates a small split. The water makes its way into the Sea of Okhotsk not far from the falls. It is found near Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido Prefecture.

    6. Kurokuma Falls (くろくまの滝 Kurokuma-no-taki)


    Also known as “Black Bear Falls”, it is located in the town of Ajigasawa, Higashitsugaru District Aomori Prefecture. The waterfalls is regarded to be an object of religious veneration due to its shape resembling an image of Kannon Bosatsu with hands clasped in prayer. It is also thought to resemble a standing bear,hence its literal translation.

    7. Matsumi Falls (松見の滝 Matsumi-no-taki)


    Matsumi Falls is a waterfall in the city of Towada, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, on a tributary of the Oirase River, which flows down from Lake Towada. It has a curvy shape that flows majestically downstream and gives an awesome view.

    8. Fudo Falls (不動の滝 Fudo-no-taki)


    Fudo Falls is found in the city of Hachimantai, Iwate Prefecture on a branch of the Api River. It is the largest waterfall on Mt. Akagi-yama. Its appearance changes every season which makes it an interesting destination all-year-round. From Tokyo Station, you will have to go on a one hour ride by car passing Akagi Interchange on the Kan-Eetsu Expressway to reach the area.

    9. Akiu Great Falls (秋保大滝 Akiu-o-taki)


    The Akiu Falls is a waterfall found on the outskirts of Sendai towards the northern part of Honshu in the Miyagi-ken (Miyagi Prefecture). It has a height of 55m and is said to be one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

    10. Sankai Falls (三階の滝 Sankai-no-taki)


    Sankai Falls is a 3-layered waterfall located in Zao, Katta District, Miyagi prefecture. The water comes from Sankaitari River which is also a tributary to Osaru river.

    More than half from this list can be found in Hokkaido, and for sure you won’t miss the adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and be ready to fill your Facebook and Instagram with amazing photos (and selfies)!