Toshiyuki Yamazaki, The One and Only Japanese Professional Pencil Sculptor!

  • There is only one professional pencil sculptor in Japan and his name is Toshiyuki Yamazaki (山崎利幸). He makes amazing miniature sculptures out of pencil lead.

    Toshiyuki Yamazaki1

    Before becoming a professional pencil sculptor, Yamazaki was a stock broker. He learned of pencil sculpting in America via television, which led to his interest in the art. At first, he did not know how to go about making the sculptures including what kind of materials and tools to use. He ended up using drills, cutters, magnifying glasses and rulers that he found at a hardware store.

    Toshiyuki Yamazaki2

    Yamazaki is currently applying to the Guinness Book of World Records to have two of his pencil lead sculptures recognised as a world record.

    The Longest Pencil Lead Sculpture

    The first pencil sculpture that Yamazaki has applied to be a Guinness World Record is this alphabet sculpture. Yamazaki succeeded in sculpting the entire alphabet onto one pencil lead.

    The Longest Pencil Lead Chain

    Toshiyuki Yamazaki4

    Apparently Yamazaki is aiming to add three more chain links onto this chain sculpture, but he has applied to have this added to the Guinness Book of World Records at 23 chain links. The official world record at the moment is held by Mr. Dalton Ghetti at 22 chain links. I can’t even begin to imagine how you are supposed to go about carving these chain links.

    Other Works


    Toshiyuki Yamazaki5

    TOKYO 2020 (in celebration of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020)

    Toshiyuki Yamazaki6


    Toshiyuki Yamazaki7

    This is the name of the popular Japanese music/dance group EXILE carved from a 0.9mm mechanical pencil lead. I literally have no words for how amazing this is.

    Check out his homepage for more info on his amazing works!
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