Weekend Gateway in Yokohama

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  • Yokohama is a city in Kanagawa prefecture and is one of the largest cities in Japan. You can reach this city in half an hour by train from Tokyo. There are many interesting things to see in Yokohama. If you live in Japan, it is a good idea to visit this city when you have a few days off. Or if you plan to visit Japan, you can include this city in your plan as an additional trip around Tokyo.

    So what to see in Yokohama?

    1. Minato Mirai 21


    Minato Mirai can be translated as “the harbor of the future”. This place is an urban area located at the seaside. With its great location along the sea as well as the presence of many attractions, this place is the center of many activities, it has hotels, shopping malls, beauty centers, restaurants, amusement parks, museums, and other interesting places. The Cosmo World amusement park in Minato Mirai has a large Ferris Wheel that has a great view of the city.

    2. Sankeien Garden

    Sankeien garden is a traditional Japanese garden. This large garden was built in 1906 and offers many interesting exhibitions, the park looks a lot like the ones in Kyoto. There is a temple, tea houses, and feudal lord residence in the inner side of this garden.

    3. Big Wharf


    Big Wharf or Osanbashi Pier is a great place to walk around and enjoy a beautiful view of Yokohama. This port used to serve as a gate of Pacific Ocean for Japan. Here you can wander around and watch large ships arriving and going.

    4. Yokohama Zoo “Zoorasia”


    This zoo is considered unique as it is built with the thought for animals with a few fences so that they live in an environment that is close to their natural habitat. The zoo is divided into some categories of animals such as Amazon jungle, Japanese countryside, African tropical rain forest, Asian tropical forest, and Subartic forest. This zoo also aims to preserve rare species.

    5. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse


    Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse or Yokohama Akarenga Soko is a historical building that is now used as a complex that includes restaurants, shopping malls and event venues. The complex is divided into building 1 and 2. Building 1 is for cultural events, film festivals and arts exhibitions and building 2 is for a shopping mall and restaurants. It is a good place for you to spend some time with your friends.