We are looking for Writers and Editors to join our team! What do you think of spreading information related to Japan in your mother-tongue?

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  • Japan Info is a site that brings information to those who want to travel, work or study here, a site that brings the latest news and updates from Japan and offers you plenty of information regarding the Japanese culture (from anime to temples and shrines, literature and art etc.).

    We are currently spreading the information in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian, but we want everybody to be able to find the information they are looking for in their own language, therefore we are now looking for new members to join our editorial department and are planning to increase the language options for our page with not less than 11 languages: Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Burmese(Myanmar`s official language), Khmer(Cambodia`s official language) and Nepali language to follow.

    Who are we?


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    Japan Info Co. Ltd. operates the largest language website in Japan having as focus the people interested in Japanese culture and planning to come visit Japan.
    Our website has daily updates and daily articles aimed to 240 countries: for now, regions where English, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian and Thai Language are used.

    In addition to the Website, we manage the social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard) in the above-mentioned languages, too.
    Japan Info is a member of the Fuji Sankei Group, one of the largest media groups in Japan and our office is located inside one of Fuji Television`s Buildings (Odaiba).

    About us

    Here`s a short introduction about our members so you`d get to know us better:

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    ★ English Writer and Editor: Elena
    ★ English Proofreader and Spanish Writer: Martin
    ★ Chinese(Traditional) Writer and Editor: Shinon
    ★ Thai Writer and Editor: Nutt
    ★ Indonesian Writer and Editor: Edison

    What is our job?

    · Writing original articles
    · Translating English articles to other languages
    · Posting on the social media platforms
    · Coverage and interviews requested by our clients (on business trips)

    ■ Requirements:

    · Over 20 years old
    · Experience writing on SEO and other web platforms
    · Native language and Business English
    · Can commute to Odaiba (paid transportation fee up to 1,500 yen / day)


    · Able to use single-lens reflex cameras and digital cameras to take high-quality pictures
    · Able to film short movies on a smartphone
    · Ability to speak in Japanese (basic)(※ Necessary when going for interviews)
    · You have/ are able to increase followers on social platforms or have a home country network.

    ■ Benefits ·Application deadline

    · Benefits will be specified after the selection
    · Submission deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019
    * There is a possibility of finishing recruitment sooner depending on the number of people that passed our screening

    ■ How to apply-Contact

    · After registering on Japan`s Info Facebook JOB group, contact us on Messenger if you are interested
    · The person in charge will reply and we will occur a screening followed by an interview for those who successfully passed the selection for our editorial department

    ■ Handling of personal information

    · We will only use the personal information you`ve highlighted

    Come join our growing team and let`s make a difference together!