Have You Ever Wanted to ”Look More Japanese”?

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  • Many people are so full of the knowledge about Japanese people and their customs. Some even want to become Japanese, thus, they are learning the language and culture. However, there are also people who just want to act and look Japanese because of manga, anime, and J-drama influence. So, these are a few tips on how to be more Japanese-like without getting too far into the language and culture!

    1. Learn how to use chopsticks Japanese way

    Japanese are known for using chopsticks for almost every meal. They rarely use spoons, forks, and knives (unless having a western meal). There are some special manners that you can read about here.

    2. Look more Japanese by cutting your bangs (for girls)

    Long hair, shoulder-length hair, or short hair are universal until you add bangs. People can’t deny that most of the Japanese have bangs. It is like their main hair trend that never gets old. You can choose between the side bangs or the full bangs, but I recommend the full bangs because it is the most common among Japanese girls.

    3. Look more Japanese with a bob haircut (for boys)

    This bob cut is the most common hairstyle among Japanese boys. Be it the blunt bob hairstyles, the curly bob hairstyles, the choppy bob hairstyles, the inverted bob hairstyles, and the asymmetrical Asian bob hairstyles, it will surely bring the inner Japanese inside of you.

    4. If you wanna act like one, then sound like one

    Japanese have the habit of using words like, “etoo..” “annoo..” instead of “uhmmm..”. You can always hear it while talking to a Japanese, especially when they are thinking or make a pause in a conversation. These words are even used when starting a conversation with someone. For example, “annoo.. chotto ii desu ka?” (Uhmm.. Can I talk to you for a second?). So, if you wanna act like a Japanese, you are free to use these words. Also, Japanese have a distinct tone when they speak. You might as well watch some animes or J-dramas to know what I’m talking about (because you can’t hear it now even though I’m saying it. Lol). It can be helpful for someone who want to act like a Japanese.

    5. Use their expressions

    Japanese expressions are distinct. You can see whether the person is Japanese by simply observing their expressions, well this works most of the time. They are being exaggerated at some occasions like when they are shocked or deny something. When you are surprised or shocked about something you’ll say “eeehhhh?!” Say it with your eyes wide-open while batting. Same goes when you’re denying something, only add the hand waving gestures, but faster, and use your two hands to emphasize the expression. But when you’re shy and nervous, just bow you head. For example, when you are confessing to someone you like, you bow your head while talking, but be sure that at the end of your talk, you will look at their eyes.

    6. Be polite

    Japanese are famous for this. Everyone knows how polite the Japanese are. So, to act like a Japanese you must learn how to be polite. Japanese are fond of bowing. It’s like 50% of their day is spent bowing! But, seriously, if you wanna act like a Japanese, you should start bowing whenever you greet someone, say thank you, sorry, hello, and good bye. Japanese also talk formally to anyone older than them. You can only start talking informally to someone if you are in the same age as them or if the other person (same as your age or older) agrees to do so.

    7. Be kawaii

    I think this is mostly applicable to girls. Kawaii means cute in English. Japanese girls like to be cute most of the time. So, you must look cute, wear cute clothes and accessories, and act cute. For looking even cuter, there are make-up tutorials on how to look like a cute Japanese girl (maybe I’ll post a tutorial after this one, ha!). As for clothes, wear at least cute dress or blouse and a skirt, all should be matched with cute looking accessories. As for acting cute, it all depends on how you feel about it.

    Well, people may say that you’re trying hard or a copycat, but who cares?! If you enjoy acting like a Japanese, then be it. Don’t get carried away by the hate and criticism, they don’t matter. It’s your life so do whatever makes you happy. Ganbatte!

    1. Atagirl33 says:

      Interesting!!! Why would someone deny their selves heritage to “act” Japanese? Is this in Japan when visiting or do people want to be Japanese all the time? I am curious about ur culture…

      1. Tam says:

        People are crazy a definitely want to be Japanese all time, those are people who take anime too far.

        1. Anonymous says:

          I don’t think it is too far when personally it is my life because it may not be for you but most of the time anime was there when nobody ever was. So please don’t think about it that way. I love almost everything about Japan including its looks. Not a huge fan of America rn. With Trump and all but. Thanks.

      2. Yuuni says:

        Some people like me like to act Japanese and participate in japanese culture events because they like it. I am American but I always use my japanese name I am not Japanese (actually 10%) but I like to act like a Japanese person. I am a otaku and I express my personality and you do to with whatever you like. I happen to like anime and everything about Japan and that is how I express myself. So it is not denying their self heritage it is the interest

    2. Well in America (where I live) there are all sorts of customs/heritages but they don’t all match up.
      Could have a country man next door, Muslim across from you, English lady down the road, or someone from Canada.
      I did not know my dad very well but knew that my great grandfather & grandmother on his side was out west & farmers. Which I like to farm but their Religion I did not like. They were also never in my life to give me a full Heritage upbringing. My mother was of the same Religion and was hardly there (always working). She would always take me to oriental food stores. My grandmother of my mother I knew and she was Spanish/Filipino.
      My Grandmother I loved she was fluent in 3 different languages, and new a bit in two others. She traveled the world possibly easier to mention the few she never visited.
      Anyways I admire her and other cultures.
      I like looking into new heritages/lifestyles so I can raise my daughters to be open minded to other cultures/ways of life/heritages.
      Maybe even create our own

      1. Anonymous says:

        ?? Was this google translated??

      2. Anonymous says:

        Well singapore too xD you walk down the streets, BOOM! 4++ races, different nationalities, all come by.

      3. Shawn Gwen Valdez says:

        Well Hi their Im a Filipino but wanted to be like Japanese….. Yes we Filipino are Mostly Known as Doibg Works yeah.. but Me as A Teenager really Do Just sitting Im sometimes a Lazy Bum…
        Well but Some are farming and some are not… especially the Modern Generation we are not farming…
        UNLESS your near to tye Farming place or near Mountains or The rice terraces herr…. Most of The Filipinos are Catholic and Muslims are not that Many…. Catholics cant be counted because yeah I am one but At a kilometer Muslims are In a line…

    3. Anonymous says:

      This is so bad, I can’t even…ya’ll know this is hella racist right?

      1. Dyamond says:

        It’s only racist if you make fun of the race or culture. Or if you paint your face white or brown or orange or even yellow to “blend” in.

    4. I often do and use all of the things mentioned here except the hairstyle. I’m often being mistaken by Japanese guests in my workplace and often being asked if I’m Japanese because the way I act and my accent is. When I told them that I’m not Japanese, the next thing they asked if I’ve been to Japan in which I always reply that I haven’t been to as well. They’re really surprise that I really look and sounds like a native Japanese even though I’m a Filipino.

    5. Anonymous says:


      1. Anonymous says:

        This comment gets 10/1

    6. Anonymous says:

      Stop creating stereotypes! Can you define yourself?

    7. Anonymous says:

      Trick people into thinking you’re American by eating a shitload of McDonalds and getting shot by cops for not being white.

    8. seychie says:

      They look like Koreans more than Japanese..

    9. I don’t think you’ll fit in Japan even if you follow this. Just like every country, Japan is very much aware if your a foreigner. This will only make you look like a weeab. Just act polite, be sensitive with others’ feelings, be hygienic. Don’t change who you are just because your so DESPERATE to be Japanese. Be proud of who you are. If you’re kind and respectful, people will surely like you no matter where you came from.
      Learn this from Rachel&Jun.

      Plus. I tried doing this things. It’s just not me. I tried to look all “kawaii” and stuff. And everytime I look back to that moment, I just cringe. I guess what I wouldn’t mind adapting is their politeness, that side bangs (which I already did ^.~☆) and their language.

      Other cultures always sounds interesting to me.

      That is all. (^.~)–☆

      1. Oh by the way. I’m not Japanese. Haven’t been to Japan neither.
        Sorry if I sound like a *hypocrite.
        It’s just my own point of view.

    10. ANIME HUNTER69 says:

      fucking weaboos, I’ve been living in japan for 2 years now and I find this ridiculously stupid lmao.

    11. Flash136 says:

      Weeaboo starter guide

    12. Anonymous says:

      weeeeeeeeeeaaaabooooooooo weaaaaaaaaabooooooooo weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    13. Katya Pizano says:

      The perfect guide to become a WEEABOO, great job guys!

    14. Mustard Cake says:


    15. Anonymous says:

      pls stop bein a weaboo PLS

    16. Anonymous says:

      be contented of what you are :)

      1. Anonymous says:


    17. Anonymous says:

      wow! so kawaii from now on i will be act like japanese since when i meet new people they always ask if am blood related to chinese or japanese hehehe ^_^

    18. Anonymous says:

      Ugh… NOT like an anime character. JUST NO.
      Something more casual would have been better for my taste. I come from America and Eurasia and have Thai – Korean siblings and cousins and I always sorta looked like them in a way, kinda had this half eastern look to me ever since I got into my teenage years, I just wanted to strengthen the way I looked in a neat way, and so I came here. Not what i was looking for, this is more like a ”How to become a weeaboo and get shot by the Japanese police force in acts of racism” tutorial. Not going against anyone’s opinion here, just sharing my own. This one just isn’t for me. :(

    19. becca says:

      I get asked if I’m half japanese all the time lol

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