Get thrilled by 10 limited editions of Japanese Monopoly!

  • Everyone knows the Millionaire game, that can destroy friendships but also show out deepest greed for money. Japan has a variety of traditional board games: sugoroku (双六), go(囲碁), shougi (将棋) to name a few.‘Jinsei Ge-mu’ (人生ゲーム), the Japanese adaption of ‘The Game of Life’, has been introduced in 1967 and is still popular today. Monopoly has been introduced a bit earlier: Hanayama Toys was the first to release it in Japan in 1965. Throughout the year, several companies had the rights to it until they were a shift, again from Hasbro to Takara Tomy in 1999 and have remained in Takara Tomy’s hands ever since. There have been several special and collector editions on the market, here are the coolest ones!

    1. Aizu Edition, 2013 (會津版)

    The most Japanese approach to Monopoly.

    Japanese Monopoly1

    Japanese Monopoly2

    2. NHK Drama Edition, 2011

    Tokens are colorful zouri shoes!

    Japanese Monopoly3

    3. Akita Edition, 2006 (秋田県版)

    Two namahage(なまはげ) monsters are being featured on the main board.

    Japanese Monopoly4

    4. Osaka Edition, 2008 (大阪版)

    The board has Osaka’s beautiful skyline.


    5. Yokohama Edition, 2010 (横浜版)

    As Yokohama is a port city, the tokens are ships. The board itself displays the present and past view of Yokohama, beautiful!

    Japanese Monopoly6

    6. Disney Edition, 2003 (ディズニー版)

    The properties are classic movies, tokens heroes and main characters.

    Japanese Monopoly7

    7. Super Mario Edition (スーパーマリオ版)

    A must have for every fan!

    Japanese Monopoly8

    8. Roppongi Hills Edition, 2004(六本木ヒルズ版)

    Designed by the famous Murakami, the game’s most expensive property is, of course, the Mori Tower.

    Japanese Monopoly9

    9. Hello Kitty junior Edition, 2001

    Houses in pastel colours, everything matching the world of the famous feline.

    Japanese Monopoly10

    10. Pokemon Edition, 2000 (ポケモン版)

    Choose from Pikachu and his friends as a token and try to catch them all!

    Japanese Monopoly11

    As Japan is being famous for geeks and nerds, you will of course find a Monopoly association ( 日本モノポリー協会大会案内) which organises the Japanese Monopoly Championship for the World Championship held every 4 years (2009, 2013, 2017, etc) and since 1985 every time a Japanese player joins. In 1988, the Japanese Mr.Hyakuta (百田) won the World Championships! The next time, in 1992 he finished second! Again in 2000, Mr. Okada (岡田豊) another Japanese player won the World Championships.
    The Japanese Monopoly Association Website