MT’s washi tape: world-wide famous Japanese masking tape

  • What Is Washi Tape?

    If you spent some time on image sharing websites on the internet, you have probably seen washi tape in one way or another. But did you know it actually comes from Japan? The word washi comes from the word “wa” in Japanese meaning “traditional Japanese”, and “shi” meaning paper. So basically washi tape is traditional Japanese masking tape made of traditional Japanese paper.


    The amazing things about washi tape are; 1. It’s thin 2. It’s very strong 3. You can peel it off easily and 4. It’s aesthetically pleasing.
    Washi tape became internationally popular after the masking tape brand mt by Kamoi released washi tape with various designs. MT provides various lines of washi tape from MT wrap, MT fab, MT CASA collections to the various collaboration collections and seasonal lines, there are various MT products that you can choose from.


    mt fab

    fab Waxpaper Tape


    fab Cutout Tape


    fab Flocky Tape

    The mt fab collection takes a new twist on masking/washi tape. With the concept of making your items fabulous from fabricated items the fab collection has a wide range of designs.

    mt CASA





    The mt CASA collection features 59 new washi tape designs that all come in three different widths: 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm, circular stickers and shade stickers. mt CASA is designed to be used for interior decorating.

    mt × Sanrio


    The mt × Sanrio collection is a collaboration project with Sanrio. The collection features washi tape with the popular Sanrio characters such as HelloKitty, My Melody and the Little Twin Sisters.

    There are obviously a large number of other washi tape brands but MT was one of the original Japanese masking/washi tape brands that still continues to expand the washi tape industry. I highly recommend buying your very own set of washi tape as it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, practical and creative ways to customise any objects or places.