Godzilla Reviews: Godzilla vs. King Kong

  • “Well, that escalated quickly”

    The third entry in the series marks a very big change in the Godzilla series; from terror to comedy. This film was originally visioned to be King Kong vs. Frankenstein (yes, a giant tower sized Frankenstein, you figure out how that is supposed to work).

    Godzilla vs. King Kong1

    But, as production began one of the producers must have said, “Hey you know what this really silly cheesy movie needs, Godzilla!” Remember at this time, Godzilla movies were very serious and scary. This killed that for a long time.

    Story Synopsis

    A pharmaceutical company explores a newly discovered island only to find that it is inhabited by giant monsters including a giant ape. The pharmaceutical company drugs King Kong and brings him back to Japan. Meanwhile, Godzilla wakes from his icy slumber and begins to attack Japan. Now, Japan has two monsters on hits shores. Who will save them and who will destroy them?


    This movie was not originally intended to be a Godzilla movie, thus the tone is totally different from the previous entries. Americans John Beck and Willis O’Brien, who worked on the original King Kong films, created the idea of King Kong fighting a giant Frankenstein. But, when they could not find any American studio interested in the film they approached Toho. Producers at Toho saw this as a chance to resurrect the dead Godzilla franchise. That is why when you watch the movie there are a lot of strange things that don’t seem to work with a Godzilla movie. For example, Godzilla is strengthened by electricity. This power has never been associated with Godzilla before. That is because Godzilla was supposed to be Frankenstein, and because Frankenstein was created by electricity he is also strengthened by it. Be that as it may, this is a very fun movie. While it may not have been intended to be so, but it marks the beginning of the lighthearted and fun Godzilla films. This style would continue until 1980. The battles between King Kong and Godzilla are obviously the highlight of the picture, but another great part is the music.

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