Top 3 Sweets to buy while waiting your flight at Narita Airport

  • Narita International Airport is the most frequently used airport in Japan by foreign travellers. With more than 3 million people using the airport every year, this airport is the gateway into Japan. If you are ever using Narita Airport, I highly recommend buying these top 3 sweets as souvenirs when leaving Japan.

    1. Tokyo Banana

    Sweets 1

    The Tokyo Bananas are similar to the Twinkies sold in the States. This most popular Japanese treat is a sponge cake surrounding pasted bananas and custard cream.

    Tokyo Banana

    Other than the traditional flavour shown above, there are various flavours available and new ones constantly being released.

    Maple Banana

    Sweets 2

    Banana Shake

    Sweets 3


    Sweets 4

    There are multiple flavors other than the ones mentioned above so check them out when you pass through Narita Airport!
    Tokyo Banana Official Website*Automatic translation

    2. Tokyo Buono

    Sweets 5

    The Tokyo Buono is a stick shaped cheesecake. Made from camembert cheese and cream cheese sandwiched between two slices of pound cake, this treat is loved by the young and elderly alike here in Japan. The Tokyo Buonos come in packs of 5, 8 and 12. These sweets last a fair amount of time without spoiling so they are perfect as a souvenir from Japan!
    Tokyo Buono Official Website*Automatic translation

    3. Yoku Moku

    The Yoku Moku cookies are my personal favourite. The cookies come in assorted shapes and sizes and various assortment boxes making them perfect souvenirs. All of the Yoku Moku cookies have the amazing fragrance of high quality butter and are hand made one by one.


    Sweets 6

    Cigare au thé

    The Cigare au thé is the Cigare with darjeeling tea and earl grey tea.

    Sweets 7

    Cigare au Chocolat

    The Cigare au chocolate is the Cigare stuffed with melted milk chocolate.

    Sweets 8

    Double Chocolat au Lait

    The Double Chocolat au Lait is chocolate sandwiched with two butter flavoured cookies.

    Sweets 9

    Double Chocolat Blanc

    The Double Chocolat Blanc is the Double Chocolat au Lait except with white chocolate instead of white chocolate. This cookie is only available in the summer.

    Sweets 10

    Billet aux Amandes

    A double-folded cookie with almond slices on top.

    Sweets 11

    Bateau de Macadamia

    Sweets 12

    The Bateau de Macadamia is chocolate sandwiched with shortbread cookies and macadamia nut slices.
    Yoku Moku Official Website
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