CREMIA: new popular soft-serve ice cream in Japan

  • What is Cremia?

    Cremia is a new kind of soft-serve ice cream dessert that has become extremely popular here in Japan. The creators of this ice cream were aiming for a new high-end soft serve ice cream that would surprise the world.

    The Ice Cream


    While normal soft serve ice cream consists of somewhere up to 8% of milk fat, cremia consists of 12.5% of carefully chosen Hokkaido milk. Cremia is also made from 25% of heavy (whipped) cream giving this ice cream a creamy texture and strong milk flavour.

    The Cone


    The major difference between normal soft serve ice cream and Cremia is the cone. While normal ice cream cones are the wafer cones that you can find at any ice cream shop, the Cremia’s cones are actually made from langue de chats. In other words they are thin cookies twisted into a cone shape.

    Where can I find it?


    This cafe located in Shibuya, Tokyo and is the head shop of cremia in Tokyo. SILKREAM’s design is based off of the houses in Scandinavia. Built with the goal of providing grown women a cafe to relax at. Complete with a living room, dining and terrace areas, this cafe feels like a comfortable house. This cafe obviously sells cremia ice cream but they also provide other various dishes.

    Some of its menu

    Rose Parfait (the ice cream part is Cremia of course)

    Mango & Passion Fruit Parfait

    Fondan Chocolat (made from Belgium chocolate)


    Mascarpone Cheese and Espresso Crepe

    Banana & Chopped Cacao Crepe

    Hokkaido Cream Cheese and Blueberry Crepe

    Strawberry & Mascarpone Cream Crepe

    Other than these desserts, SILKREAM also serves pasta, salad, and various drinks (including alcohol).

    If you are ever near Shibuya (which is in the heart of Tokyo and is VERY easy to get to) I highly recommend visiting this cafe and trying out the new high-end soft-serve ice cream that has taken Japan by storm.

    Silkream website *Automatic translation