A Pocky for Me, a Pocky for You! The Story of the Famous Japanese Snack

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  • Take a quick break from work and have a snack. One popular snack in Japan is “Pocky”. Pocky doesn’t really rhyme with hocky nor rocky. It is pronounced as POH-(pause)-KEE, in Japanese.


    It is a pretzel stick covered with flavoured coating. As you can see, the coating leaves a small portion of uncovered pretzels so as to make it easier to eat. No need to worry about chocolate melting in your hand!

    Pocky Empire!


    Pocky has been produced by Ezaki Glico, which is a Japanese confectionery company headquartered in Osaka. Dating back to 1971, the first original coating of Pocky was almond flavoured.

    Nowadays, you can find Pocky with varying flavours such as; milk, banana, cookies and cream, green tea, coconut, honey and mousse. It has also been distributed among different countries abroad such as; Philippines, China, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Burma and South Korea. It can also be found in Europe but with a different name “Mikado”. If you go to USA, Pocky can be found in Asian International Supermarkets. So, it’s literally everywhere!

    Different Pocky Flavors
    Cookie Crush Pocky


    From the name “Cookie Crush”, this pocky is coated crushed cookies with melted chocolate. Great for chocolate and cookie lovers.

    Strawberry Pocky


    This Pocky has a strong strawberry flavour. Yum!

    Milk Chocolate Pocky


    This is a combination of milk and chocolate. However, it somehow tastes a little buttery after eating.

    Winter Pocky


    A pocky which is suited for winter is the Winter Pocky. This explains why the coating is so thick. It has a little cocoa dust on it.

    Giant Pocky


    It looks gigantic indeed. This Pocky is 10 inches longer than the usual chocolate Pocky. It is also said that the diameter is 3 times bigger. Those who just can’t get enough have to try this!

    Please note that some of the pocky flavours are available during specific seasons only, or may be a limited edition that was once discontinued.
    In either case, if you come to Japan you will find many different flavours and types of pocky! Enjoy your snack!

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