The 100% Organic Tokyoese “Fete” Cafe

  • “Fete” means “festivities” in French. The fete cafe serves stylish healthy meals made from home grown, organic vegetables. This cafe is a great spot to dine for anyone who does not get enough greens in their daily diet.

    All of their meals are completely organic including the dressing on the salads. This cafe also provides take-out services and catering services. This small cafe not only serves delicious meals but with the amazing hospitality from the female staff, the “fete” cafe is definitely worth a visit.


    morning menu 10:00~11:00

    • Organic Brown Rice Ball Plate (950 yen): Brown Rice Rice Ball, Salad, 2 Deli Dishes, Miso soup or soup, and a Drink
    • Home-made Granola Yogurt Plate (680 yen): Yogurt, salad and a Drink

    lunch menu 11:00~17:00

    • fete cafe meal (1200 yen): Salad, 4 Deli Dishes, Main Dish, Organic Brown Rice, and a Drink
    • Capricious Plate (from 1200 yen): Salad, a daily dish, 2 Deli Dishes, and a Drink

    tea time 15:00~17:00

    Home-made Cake and a Drink (from 900 yen)

    The tea time plates are cakes and drinks put together into one set. This extremely popular menu features a different type of cake daily. The tea time plates are served on little cutting boards giving the cakes a stylish feel to them. The tea time plates can be ordered as half & half plates so the customers can enjoy two types of cakes in one plate. If you head over to this cafe with a friend and you both ordered the half & half tea time plate, you could share four different types of cakes! How awesome is that?

    Dinner menu (only on Fridays and Saturdays) 17:00~21:00

    • Dinner Plate (1200 yen): Salad, 4 Deli Dishes, Main Dish, and Organic Brown Rice

    The cafe is located 7 minutes away from Jiyugaoka Station.

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