Henn–na Hotel: Commitment to Progress

  • Recently, robots have started to become more and more common. The Henn-na Hotel is the embodiment of this technological advancement. The Henn-na Hotel is located in Huis Ten Bosch Amusement Park in Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. It has opened on July 17th of 2015.


    The thing that sets Henn-na Hotel apart from any other hotel around the world is the fact that 70% of its staff are robots. By having 70% of what would usually be done by humans be done by robots, the hotel has managed to reduce the costs of running the hotel by 70%. Also, by using the newest innovations in architecture, the costs on energy used by the hotel have been reduced by 50%. In order to lower the electricity consumption, rooms are not equipped with refrigerators and the lights have motion sensors on them to make sure they do not stay on when unnecessary.


    The check in desk is managed completely by android robots (there’s actually even a dinosaur one). After check in, people have the option to use face recognition technology as their room key.


    This “porter robot” is stationed at the check in desk and carries the customer’s luggage up to their rooms. The robot is controlled by a touch screen tablet where you can enter your room number and the robot will automatically take your luggage up to your room.


    This tulip flower shaped robot is placed at each bedside table in order to allow the customers control the room’s lighting, air conditioning, alarm clocks, and to receive information about the weather, all voice-controlled.
    Even more robots are planned to be put into the hotel later on.

    Room Types
    Standard Type


    Available from 39,960 yen and available for two people.

    Superior Type


    Available from 42,120 yen, and sleeps up to four people.

    Deluxe Type


    Available from 44,280 yen, and sleeps up to four people.

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