Come Enjoy a Time of Serenity at Okochisano Garden

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  • Okochisano Garden is the former home and garden of famed film actor, Okochi Denjiro, but it was opened up to the public after his death in 1962. The villa is known for its beautiful gardens and an amazing view of the Kyoto area. The various gardens were designed to show off each of the four seasons, which is mind-boggling.

    The Villa

    Serene Okochisano Garden

    The grounds of the villa encompass approximately 20,000 square meters. The villa features multiple buildings, including a Japanese style home, tea houses, shrines, located among a carefully maintained Japanese garden. Visitors are allowed to explore the grounds at their own pace so that they may fully enjoy everything the garden has to offer. Four of the structures on the grounds were recorded as tangible cultural properties. Since the villa is located on top of a hill, visitors can view the city of Kyoto, Mt. Hiei, and the Hozu River Gorge from designated points on the grounds.

    The Facilities

    Serene Okochisano Garden1

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    The Okochisano garden not only has an astounding garden, but it also has four beautiful facilities open to the public. The main house (Daijōkaku) is one of the finest examples of traditional Japanese residential architecture. The teahouse(Tekisuian), has a wabi-sabi aesthetic and visitors can buy matcha tea and sweets here while enjoying the sights of the garden. Next there is the Buddhist shrine(Jibutsudō), with an iromoya style roof. Finally, there is also the middle gate, an open air museum dedicated to Denjirō Ōkōchi and an observation platform.

    The Okochisano Garden has many beautiful gardens, even gardens that represent each of the four seasons. The garden has stunning facilities open to visitors looking to see some of the finest examples of traditional Japanese architecture.


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