Tokyo DisneySea Halloween 2015: Nothing but Villains!

  • The Tokyo Disney parks announced their new programs and events for Halloween 2015! The Halloween festival at Disney Sea starts on September 8th and ends on November 1st, so don’t worry even if you’re not in Japan during late October.


    With the recent villain movies being released, there seems to be a mini-trend with the Disney villains and, to be honest, I am pretty ecstatic about the new attention that the Disney villains are receiving as of late. The villains in the Disney movie classics are all just as amazing and interesting as the protagonists in the films and learning more about them is something I’ve wanted to do.

    The Villain’s World

    The Villain’s World is the name (at this point, it may be subject to change at a later time) of the new Halloween themed water show that will take place at Mediterranean Harbor in Disney Sea. The show takes place at a Halloween party planned by the Villains. Six villains from six separate Disney films come to life and they each invite Mickey and his friends to come join them at their place (boat). Mickey and his friends arrive at each of the Villain’s places wearing costumes that are designed based on whichever villain they are visiting.

    The Villains that will appear in The Villain’s World and their Mickey and friends pairings are as follows.

    1. The Evil Queen (from Snow White) & Minnie Mouse
    2. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee (Peter Pan) & Mickey Mouse and Pluto
    3. Hades, Pain and Panic (from Hercules) & Donald Duck, Chip and Dale
    4. Jafaar (from Aladdin) & Goofy
    5. Malificent (from Sleeping Beauty) & Clarise
    6. Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) & Daisy Duck

    Along with the show itself, at the American Waterfront and the Arabian Coast of Disney Sea, there will be restaurants serving Halloween/Villains related dishes!

    At the Arabian Coast, the restaurants serve Jafaar themed food and have Jafaar decorations. The whole red on black and gold colour scheme looks pretty darn amazing.
    If you’re in Japan at any time from September 8th to November 1st, visit the Tokyo Disney parks! The Villains, Mickey & his friends will all be looking forward to welcoming you to their Halloween celebrations.

    Tokyo Disney Resort

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