When you are traveling alone, a recommendation for a Kyoto hotel that is stylish and a good bargain.

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    When you are traveling alone to Kyoto, do you ever wonder where you should stay?
    A long-established Japanese inn is nice, but it is also expensive, and lonely if you are on your own. And the facilities at a reasonably priced hotel are not very good.
    Also, if you are enjoying the taste of Japanese food while in Kyoto, at least for breakfast you feel like you want to eat bread.
    This time, we will introduce a fashionable and inexpensive hotel where you can relax in cozy spaces as if you were staying at the home of an artist friend.

    Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, an eight-minute walk from Kujo Station

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    The lounge that leads from the front reception desk faces a courtyard, and has an open and stylish atmosphere.
    The lounge has a library corner, with books about art and Kyoto. It is also nice that coffee, a PC, and a printer are available for free.

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    The rooms are compact and stylish, and all rooms have a desk lamp and electric kettle.
    Of course, it is okay to connect to the wireless LAN. Art decorates a different wall in each guest room, and all of the works are by local Kyoto artists.

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    The amenities are carefully chosen, including such things as original room wear, organic shampoo that uses herbal extract from the south of France, and negative ion hair dryers. Air purifiers, and actress mirrors with LED lights for putting on makeup, are also thoughtfully provided, which is nice for women.

    Bar, restaurant, and gallery, etc.

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    During the nights of your trip, you want to lingeringly bask in the afterglow of the day.
    You can relax in the bar that offers whiskey, imported beer, and wine. You can also relax in your room with the sweets that were recommended by the staff person in the kiosk.

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    While various artworks decorate the guest rooms and public spaces, there is also a gallery connected to the entrance.
    With such things as exhibitions by creators who are based in Kyoto, it publicizes the current art and culture of Kyoto. Every time you visit you can encounter a new exhibition.

    Tasty breakfast

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    Even on your own, you can comfortably spend time in the cafe-style restaurant ANTEROOM MEALS.
    At breakfast they offer such things as pita bread sandwiches, and fresh salad, with ingredients that change daily, and the volume of the food is perfect.

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    They have smoothies that are likely to provide enough energy for the day, as well as yoghurt accompanied by several kinds of toppings.
    The toppings are fruit sauce, brown sugar syrup, roasted soybean flour, boiled black beans, and seasonal jams, etc.

    Other information

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    This is not an exhibition, but a hotel sign. It is even stylish in such a casual place as this. The laundry corner has detergent available, and is free of charge.
    Even for a long trip, it seems like you can stay here as if you are really living here.

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