Satisfy your Craving for Mexican Food at Hacienda de Cielo

  • Living in a foreign country doesn’t mean you have to give up eating the foods you love best. Have no fear! Even in Japan, it’s not too difficult to find Mexican dishes. Hacienda del Cielo is a great place for Mexican-food lovers. Feel like an A-list celebrity as you walk into one of Tokyo’s hidden gems located on the 9th floor in one of Daikanyama’s buildings.


    Hacienda del Cielo offers modern Mexican cuisine in contemporary style. The name means “House in the Sky” in Spanish, which is just suitable for its theme and location. This place has been gorgeously put together with a gorgeous outdoor terrace.

    The Place


    Hacienda de Cielo has a very tall ceiling, about 8 meters in height. Its main centerpiece is a chandelier in the shape of Kukulcan, which is the name of a Maya snake deity in the Mexican mythology.


    The dining and lounge areas are designed in contemporary styles as well. The dining area can only house a few guests. But once it’s full, you can always opt to go to the spacious bar instead. On the other hand, the terrace offers a spectacular view of the entire Tokyo nightscape. A nice view and good ambiance in one!

    The Menu

    Feast your eyes with all the sumptuous Mexican foods made from fresh ingredients!

    Hacienda del Cielo’s foods include platillos which are worth 300-500 yen, ensaladas, sopas, tacos, steak, fajitas, traditional burritos and chimichangas. However, not everything is Mexican. There’s also a compilation of Japanese appetizers you can choose from. To go with your food, some of the drinks offered are sangria, lemonade, mojitos, caipiroska, pinacolada, hot cocktail, rebujito and other frozen ones. Non-alcoholic drinks are available as well. For those who want to save some money, available on the menu are 1,000-yen-worth foods. The menu includes a variety of main dishes, soups, salads and drinks.

    Reservation Information

    If you need to make a reservation, you can go to this link: Reservation for Hacienda del Cielo
    They have a strict rule when it comes to reservations. If you are late for 20 minutes, your reservation will be canceled. It is important especially in Japanese culture, to always be on time if not before time.

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