Japan’s Fascination with Cute Twintail Hairstyles

Japan’s Fascination with Cute Twintail Hairstyles

Japanese teens are fond of dressing up in fashionable pieces of clothing. It wouldn’t be complete with of course, styling your hair fashionably too! You might be familiar with twintail hairstyles since we mostly see these on Japanese teens or in anime.


There are many different kinds of twintail hairstyles!

Twintail Style # 1: Rabbit Style


We first have the rabbit style. This is the most popular among the three kinds of twintails. The knots are tied above the ears.

Twintail Style # 2: Regular Style

We also have the regular style! The knots are tied at the same level as the ears. You can style your hair with a perm, curls, ribbons, etc.

Twintail Style # 3: Country Style


Lastly, we have the country style wherein the knots are tied below the ears.

History of Twintail Hairstyles


Of course, twintail hairstyles didn’t only start in Japan. You can see this kind of hairstyle in different countries too! Twintail hairstyles are called “futatsu yui” or “double knots” in ancient Japan. When a young girl has long hair in ancient Japan, it symbolizes that she has grown into a healthy child. In old Japan, a mother knots the hair of her first child. When the second daughter was born, the mother knots the second daughter’s hair again. The idea of twin hairstyles in Japan came from the custom mentioned.

Twintail Association Japan

Twintail Association Japan is an association to promote twintail hairstyles in Japan and to the whole world. This is one way of joining Japan’s campaign called “Cool Japan”, a campaign that promotes Japan’s manga, games, fashion and music to many people around the world. Furthermore, Twintail Association features snaps of beautiful Japanese women with twintail hairstyles on their website. They also sell hair accessories in their site to help Japanese women beautify their twintail hairstyles!

Don’t forget to check out Twintail Association Japan’s website for their street snaps and for more information about these adorable twintail hairstyles!

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