Yomiuri Land: Don’t Miss Out on Winter Night Jewellumination

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  • One of the spectacles that makes Japan popular all over the world especially during the winter season is the scene of wonderfully lit illuminations that sparkle across all of Japan especially during Christmastime.


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    Considering there are a lot of places to go to, why should you consider Yomiuri land as your spot of choice?



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    Simple. You get MORE than what you pay for.



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    For only ¥1,000 for the park entry and ¥1,800 for the park entry + ride all you can for 18-year-olds and above from 4 p.m onwards, this is actually a value price.
    (Price is for the Night Pass, in which you can enjoy the park from 4pm to 8:30pm.)



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    If you’re the type of person that enjoys extreme rides, go for as many rides as you can. Eventually the people who go to this theme park are more focused on the illuminations rather than the rides, which means less lines to wait for!


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    One of the best things with the illuminations in Yomiuri Land is how almost every inch of the place is lit up. Your eyes will be in awe with every glance.


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    There are also exhibitions all throughout the corners of the park. You’d better have a glimpse of the performance while you’re there.

    For those who are planning to visit Japan this coming winter season, why not have a visit to Yomiuri Land to see these magnificent illuminations for yourself?

    Jewellumination is from mid-October until February of the following year.


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    Enjoy the yuletide season in Japan!

    Just a little tip. Last year, there was actually a coupon that takes off ¥200 from the park entry price. If you’re lucky and they’re still going to do it again this year, you could get that coupon in one of the crepe shops in Harajuku.

    Yomiuri Land

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