“When” over “Where”: Why Picking The Right Season for Visiting Japan is Important

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  • Perhaps, many people plan to visit the World Heritage Sites when they go to Japan.
    If you have also been considering this, have you given much thought to when is the best time to visit the World Heritage Sites?

    Japan has 4 distinctive seasons, and depending on the season you pick for visiting, the view will be completely different. Moreover, depending on the time of the day you see it in; dawn, noon, evening, or night, the impact will be different as well. Furthermore, fantastically creative art projects take place at some sites at night, and you can see the World Heritage Sites in a completely different way from the ordinary light.
    Read this article and give a second thought to when you should go to Japan.

    A completely different world depending on the season
    Kinkakuji in summer, Kyoto


    Kinkakuji in fall, Kyoto


    These are the pictures of Kyoto’s World Heritage Site Kinkakuji.
    Isn’t it obvious that the winter and autumn sceneries are completely different?
    Let’s say, you finally went to Japan, but it wasn’t what you had in mind, and later your friends will be saying something like “But it would be most beautiful in fall”! To prevent such things from happening it is necessary to consider the season you will be going in advance.

    Of course, the most important thing is what kind of scenery you would like to see, and not what season is the best.

    If you search google for the images of “season” and “world heritage” you’d like to see, many pictures will come up, so it is better to go once you’ve picked the season you like the most.

    A completely different world depending on the time of the day
    Shirakawago in the daytime, Gifu


    Shirakawago in the nighttime, Gifu


    Kyomizu-dera in the nighttime, Kyoto


    I think you have already realized that the impact is completely different depending whether you go in the daytime or in the nighttime. In many parts of Japan, World Heritage Sites are illuminated by lights, so you can enjoy them at night. But of course, transportation options may be limited in the nighttime so it’s better to look into that before making a plan.

    A completely different world depending on the event
    Mount Koya on an ordinary day


    Nikko Toshogu five-storey pagoda on an ordinary day, Tochigi


    However, in case of visiting a World Heritage Site it’s not only season and time of the day you should keep in mind. Depending on the ongoing event the picture changes greatly as well.

    Currently, “World Heritage Theater” that offers incredibly artistic shows no one in Japan has seen before, is gaining popularity.
    You can see special limited night lives by Japanese top artists at the World Heritage Sites carved by the time, in the nighttime when you normally wouldn’t be able to go there.
    These are truly special events which allow to see the World Heritage Sites in a completely different from the ordinary way.

    Let’s check World Heritage Theater Events beforehand

    But it’s not like you can choose to go to these events in your favorite season or time of the day.
    These are irregular concerts, so if you are thinking to yourself “Maybe I should go to Japan”, it’s better to check the schedule of the events to be held and World Heritage Sites they are staged at.

    We’d like to introduce the upcoming World Heritage Theater schedule, as of September 24, 2015, when this article was written.


    DAY:October 10 2015 / October 11 2015

    MISIA is an amazingly skillful singer popular among people of various ages in Japan.

    DAY:October 10 2015 / October 11 2015
    PLACE:Nikko Toshogu

    Ebizo Ichikawa is an extremely popular Kabuki actor in Japan. Even though he is a performer of traditional Japanese theatrical art, he is very proactive when it comes to new unconventional activities.

    DAY:October 10, 2015
    PLACE:Nikko Toshogu

    May J. is a young singer who is rapidly gaining popularity among the youth.

    Website *Japanese only

    I think you now understand that depending on when you visit a World Heritage Site it may seem like a different place. Have you already pictured the season and time of the day, or event you’d like to visit?

    If you go to Japan, make your trip especially fulfilling by considering not only where, but also when you visit.

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