Yokai Watch: The Next Generation of Pokemon?

  • Everyone knows Pokemon, the video game and manga all about collecting and battling hundred of adorable “pocket monsters” but lately there has been a new phenomenon in the cutesy collecting genre and that phenomenon is Yokai watch!

    Yokai watch, or Ghost watch in English, once again involves collecting a lot of adorable little monsters and summoning them to fight and the formula is just as popular this time as it was when it made Pokemon such a success. Currently in Japan it’s pretty difficult to make it through the day without seeing something Yokai watch-related! It’s everywhere!

    It first became popular as an RPG for the Nintendo DS, and is soon going to be released outside Japan so everyone can start befriending the Yokai, or ghosts, and using them in battle! The game has led to a number of sequels along with a Manga series and an Anime and of course toys, lunchboxes, pencils, backpacks and every other kind of merchandise you could possibly think of!

    The story of Yokai Watch in the manga and anime series follows the adventures of a very ordinary boy named Keita who, while looking in a fenced off part of the woods for rare beetles, instead finds a strange Gacha machine out of which comes the ghost Whisper who quickly becomes Keita’s ghost butler. He then gives him the Yokai watch which lets him see ghosts and later once he befriends them, they give him their friendship medal to summon them whenever he needs their help.

    One of the first ghosts he meets, and the one you’ll see on most of the merchandise, is called Jibanyan and was the ghost of a cat who was hit by a car and is haunting a street crossing trying to become strong enough to stop cars by himself as he wants to impress his owner from when he was alive who was disappointed in how weak he was. After Jibanyan there’s Bakurobaa who looks like a tiny old woman and when she’s haunting people they can’t help but tell people all of their secrets!

    Yokai watch is currently huge in Japan and with the games set for release abroad soon could potentially become just as big an international craze as Pokemon!

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