Travel Light: Get Your Luggage Delivered to and from the Airport in Japan!

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  • Traveling is great, but luggage can be a burden if you have a lot of it. Whether you are the type of person who can travel light with just a backpack or you have to take three suitcases with you wherever you go, it’s no secret that baggage is an issue whenever you travel somewhere. For Americans and Europeans, Japan is very far away and therefore travelers are more likely to take a lot of clothes and things with them. Not to mention that if you go shopping a lot during your trip and buy piles of souvenirs, your luggage is likely to be even heavier than it was when you arrived!

    Getting to your hotel, especially in Tokyo, can be hard work when you’ve got a load of suitcases. Traveling by train or bus becomes harder, and it can really dampen the mood at the start of your holiday when you are trying to navigate to way to your hotel while wrestling all your baggage along the way. One solution to this is having your luggage delivered between the airport and the hotel so you can travel baggage-free! This service can make the transition from your hotel to the airport, whether you are just arriving or heading home, much easier and less stressful, giving you more space to explore your destination without having to dump your luggage in a locker or haul it along with you.

    The following service comes at a reasonable price, which depends on the distance and the weight and size of the luggage. There are various delivery companies in Japan, but one of my favorites is Yamato Kureneko delivery service. Here is some useful information about it, including how to use it.

    Airport Takkyubin: Airport delivery service

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    Yamato Kureneko delivery service was established in 2005 and is now one of Japan’s leading delivery companies with a capital of over 50 billion yen and over 150,000 employees. It is one of the country’s most trusted delivery companies.

    Takkyubin (TA-Q-BIN) is the term used for the Yamato delivery service. Using this service, you can send your suitcases and heavy parcels from the airport to your hotel, or from the hotel to the airport. In the case of sending your things from the airport, reservations are not necessary, and they can also deliver them on the same day to some chosen areas. Yamato delivery service is available at many airports including Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai Airport. When you are done with the customs, just look for Yamato stall in the terminal you’re arriving at. Be sure to have the address of your hotel on hand.

    What is great about this delivery service is that you can get it at most airports in Japan, not just the big cities. Click here to see their list of all airports where they operate.

    Sending your luggage to the airport

    When you want to send your suitcases to the airport, the latest day to send them is two days before your departure date (and three days for certain areas). You can simply call Yamato before the shipping deadline and they will need your information such as your name, address, phone number, and the most convenient time slot you want your luggage to be picked up. You can also talk to an English speaking operator when you make a reservation call. To request for English, you can ask first, “Eigo ii desu ka?” (is English okay?) or “Eigo ga hanaseru hito imasen ka?” (is there someone there who can speak English?). Alternatively, you can just ask in English if you’d prefer!

    When the workers arrive on the requested day and time to pick up your luggage, they will give you some forms for you to fill in. It is all written in Japanese, but they are very helpful in guiding you through the form. Don’t forget to prepare your flight information because they need to know which terminal you will be departing from and around what time you will pick up your luggage. You can pay the delivery fee at the time you pick the luggage up. Please note that they only accept cash. For a piece of luggage that weighs 23kg, the standard allowance for a suitcase, the cost will normally be around 2000 to 3000 yen. For smaller or bigger bits of luggage or parcels, you can check the fees on their website.

    As well as delivering your luggage to the airport, the same company also offers services for sending packages abroad. If you find that you have bought too many souvenirs and they won’t all fit in your suitcase, you might consider sending them home separately. Click here for the delivery company’s international services.

    Sending your luggage using this delivery service can be very helpful if you want to spend your first day strolling around Japan without carrying around bulky luggage, or when you want to travel home but your luggage is too heavy to carry from your hotel to the nearest station. Having someone organise your luggage and its safe delivery can really take away some of the stress on your holiday.

    Other options are also available, for example, you can drop off our luggage at the nearest convenience store and in addition, you can get a 100-yen discount from the delivery company! Traveling with lots of luggage doesn’t have to be a hassle. Consider using Yamato Airport Ta-Q-Bin to make the transition between the hotel and the airport a little easier.

    Yamato Airport Ta-Q-Bin