Giant “Lucky” Black Cat Coming to a Train Station Near You!

  • It is not uncommon to see cats almost everywhere in Japan. From the ubiquitous cat cafes to the infamous litter of cats in a carriage in the midst of Omotesando it has become part of the fabric of Japanese living. However, have you ever heard of the lucky black cat?


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    For a limited time, there is a large black cat lurking in the maze-like underground of Shinjuku station. Despite being black, this cat is actually lucky! In exchange for nose rubs or pats, it gives out free presents! That’s right, no payment necessary! It is quite a sight at over 6 feet tall and almost 20 feet wide, it attracts everyone from young to old and is quite kawaii!


    The cat is the brainchild of Yamato Transport in a brilliant attempt to market their new compact mail delivery boxes. Each nose rub will get the cat to stick out its tongue and deliver any of the up to 70+ prices within. The prizes themselves range from stickers, yukatas, bikinis, all the way to a tablet, all of which are decked out in the company’s famous black and yellow logo complete with a pattern of black cats. The prizes are contained in their new boxes for delivery along with instructions on how to use so you can use them as soon as possible. Genius!


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    The cat giveaway runs from 11 AM – 7 PM. Get there early as there is quite a long queue. You will receive a number in the order of line-up that will tell you at what time interval to pick up your present. For example, we arrived around 11:15 AM on a Friday morning and were told to return at 3 PM for pick up. There were people that had lined up since 6:30 AM!!!

    The cat will be moving to 10 other locations all over Japan, so don’t miss out! Ganbatte!!

    Kuroneko Yamato Campaign Website*Automatic translation

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