Travel The World in Tobu World Square, Tochigi

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  • Even in Japan, there’s a possibility for you to see 102 of the world-famous buildings, including 45 World Heritage Sites! Everything is located in a popular theme park known as Tobu World Square in Tochigi, Japan. The place is accessible by bus, if you’re staying in a hotel near Kinugawa Onsen. You can also access it on foot from Kosagoe.



    There are primarily four zones for you to choose from in Tobu World Square: Japan Zone, Asia Zone, Europe Zone, America Zone, Egypt Zone and Modern Japan Zone. Modern Japan has the largest number of buildings in the park. This is naturally the place for you to start your tour. Some of the attractions include Tokyo Skytree Town, Tohoku Shinkansen Yamabiko, Former Imperial Hotel, Tokyo National Museum Art Gallery, The Diet Building, Akasaka Palace and many more! For a more true-to-life appeal, the theme park has been adorned with miniature people.



    With so many facilities, everything is convenient at this park. There are places for your kids to enjoy such as the “Kids’ House” and “Kids’ Room.” Here, you can find nursing rooms, kids’ restrooms and an area for preparing milk formula in case your kids get hungry. You can also let you children play as long as they are accompanied by a guardian. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are also available for use. They can, however, be used only within the park’s premises. For a detailed view of the place, try renting binoculars for 100 yen. They are only available at the front desk and are good for two to three hours of use.

    Dining at the Park


    With such a huge place to visit, you’ll surely get hungry. There are 5 restaurants available in the area: Nikko Yuba Palace, Restaurant Carnival, Sphinx and Convention House. Remember though that bringing foods and drinks in the park is not allowed. but you can enjoy them on the Picnic Ground.

    Tobu World Square

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