Sakura events not to miss as Spring is coming soon!

  • The spring is coming soon in Japan and the cherry blossoms (Sakura) too!


    Sakura starts blooming usually from the end of March until the first of May. During this period, we have big events everywhere. It is called “Ohanami”. For us, Japanese people, it is very important to our culture. These events take place outside all day long, and people drink alcohol and eat “Bentou” (take away food) under the cherry blossom tree. People take seat in the early morning and sometimes the day before in order to be in famous places where there are plenty of cherry blossoms. There are usually lots of people coming!

    Even if a “Bentou” is Japanese traditional take away food it is usually made by us at home. If you can participate to the “Ohanami” event you will definitely see people eating “bentou”!

    Why drinking under trees?

    People are looking for fun time with family, friends and co-workers. Moreover, it is also a special event for some company. In fact, it is called “Ohanami sekitorigakari” which means that some people from the company will take a seat under the trees and wait for the others to join them later after work.

    We want to recommend some famous places to enjoy cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

    1. 新宿御苑(Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden)


    This garden belongs to the ‘one hundred selected site’ to see in Japan. There are also an English style garden and a French style garden which are very beautiful!

    However it is forbidden to drink alcohol and you also have to pay for the entrance.
    Admission 200 JPY
    Child 50 JPY

    2. 隅田公園(sumida park)


    This park is very near Sky Tree Tower which is the second highest tower of the world. It is a great place to enjoy both the view of Sakura and Sky Tree Tower! And also, the night time is even more beautiful.
    The park has many outdoor food shop, it’s called “屋台 yatai”. You can try some Japanese traditional take away food.

    3. 六義園(rikugien)


    There is a 70 years old cherry blossom tree which is stunning! That cherry blossoms’ type is called “Shidare zakura”. It looks like a waterfall! During the night they also light up the area so you’ll be amazed!

    However you have to pay an entrance of 300JPY but it is definitely worth to see!!
    Of course there are also lots of cherry blossom trees outside of Tokyo therefore you should try to enjoy “Ohanami” wherever you go!

    Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Access
    Sumida Park Access
    Rikugien Access

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