Amazing way to relax and to experience onsen and the Edo period!

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  • Have you ever tried Japanese hot spring?

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    Well if you haven’t tried what we called “Onsen 温泉” it is highly recommended to give a go! And if you have, well you should go again as we actually have many kind of “Onsen”.
    By the way, don’t be shy as you might share the hot spring with someone else. It is our traditional way.
    A great reason to try it is that it is highly relaxing but also the water is very good for your body and your skin.

    Why we have many “Onsen”?

    Thanks to the geography of Japan, because we have many volcanoes, it is possible to find many natural hot springs.

    Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

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    We have plenty of unique Onsen however we want to recommend you the “Ooedo Onsen Monogatari 大江戸温泉物語” in Odaiba. It is quite representative of the Edo period.
    When you enter, you’ll have the reception where you have to chose your “Yukata 浴衣” which is a Japanese traditional clothe. This clothe is used after the bath, in summer time, or as a pyjamas and sometime used for dancing. It actually looks like the “Kimono 着物”.

    You also have to learn how to where the Yukata but don’t worry! Usually, Onsen have pictures to show how to wear it and if they don’t, hopefully the staff will help you!

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    As said before, this Onsen might give you an idea of what the Edo period was. You might feel leaving in the Edo period!! It is because it has many shops where you can have a drink and enjoy some food of course. Moreover, you can shop and you can have the experience of Japanese game for festival.

    Onsen has some rules!

    It’s important to pay attention to the rules. At first, you should take off all your clothes, and you should take a small towel. Then before you go in the Onsen, you have to wash your body and if you want, you can also wash your hair and your face. However, if you have long hair, you have to tie it and you shouldn’t put your hair in the water of the Onsen.

    When you enter the water, you have to be careful of your towel because you can’t bring it in the water. Towel will be used after you relaxed!
    You must dry when you exit the water in order to avoid a flood in the room that could make other people slipping.

    Then I would like to recommend you to check the Onsen temperature before you enter because it is usually very hot.

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    If you don’t want to show your body they have foot bath as well! Onsen might sound quite complicated but it is important to follow the rules as you share the hot spring with other people. Japanese people are polite with each other and care about each other that is why we follow some rules like drying, cleaning and tying hair.

    It is also possible to stay there but you need book in advance.
    Before going there, I recommend checking the website (URL). They have English, Korean, and Chinese. It has information and sometimes discount!

    I hope you will enjoy the Japanese culture of Onsen!


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