Come Sightsee in Magnificent Kyoto, the Best City in the World!

  • Kyoto, as an ancient city with 1200 years of history, was awarded by Travel Inc.’s Travel + Leisure magazine as the best city in the world! It was done through a survey which involved 17,000 avid readers of the magazine.

    Kyoto has undergone many transformations in the past but has always adapted to the most advanced standards of the times. Let’s discover why Kyoto is the best city in the world!

    Very Low Crime Rate

    Every year, cities around the world are ranked according to some criteria such as crime rate, conflict risks, temperature, health care quality, censorship levels, schools and transportation. It is said that the crime rate in Kyoto is absurdly low. Most people are honest which makes it a safe place to stay. But of course, always take proper precaution wherever you go, especially if you’re a woman.


    Ginkaku-ji  Temple in Kyoto

    Kyoto has a humid, subtropical climate. It has 4 distinct seasons which make travelers enjoy the place even more. However, it is hot and humid during summer and very cold during winter. There’s a wide difference between seasons.



    There are so many good schools in Kyoto which offer reasonable prices. They also have international schools such as the Kyoto International School which is a private school serving students from kindergarten to grade 9. If you want to learn Japanese, there are great language schools to find such as ARC Academy. You get to learn while living in Japan!



    There are so many transportation systems available in Kyoto from Shinkansen, highway bus, airplane, local trains and cars. However, it is still impfortant to orient yourself before travelling. Kyoto has a rectangular street system. Streets in central Kyoto are named so it would be easier for foreign people to go around. It would also be best to have an IC card, which are rechargeable cards which make it convenient to pay for public transportation, vending machines, shops and restaurants.

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