5 Songs to Introduce You to J-Rocker Miyavi

5 Songs to Introduce You to J-Rocker Miyavi

If you’ve heard Miyavi (雅)’s name before, you probably know him as the guy who starred as the cruel Japanese soldier in Unbroken, the film directed by Angelina Jolie. But who exactly is Miyavi? Prior to starring in Unbroken, he was already an established J-rock singer in Japan.

Visual appeal is one of the main reasons for his (and other J-rock artists’) fame. Over the years, he has changed his style (both in looks and music) several times. If you are interested to see why he was popular in Japan long before he acted in Unbroken, you can try listening to these great songs!

1. Kekkonshiki no Uta – Wedding Song

This song is about an ex-lover who married another person. While you might think this song is a self-pitying sob story, the lyrics are actually more tongue-in-cheek well wishes. This is a rather mainstream-radio-friendly song, so it is likely that most people would find this song enjoyable.

2. Selfish Love

This is what Miyavi is most famous for: guitar slapping. If you aren’t sure what it is, check out the intro to Selfish Love, which is a guitar solo that incorporates Miyavi’s famous playing style. As the name suggests, his guitar style involving tapping or slapping the guitar while strumming.

3. Papa Mama Nozomare Nu Baby

This song is a little heavy, and it could potentially be classified as metal. If you’re a metal expert who disagrees, let’s just call this song heavy J-rock. This track is suitable for those who are into heavier songs like Linkin Park’s.

4. Jibun Kakumei

If you appreciate the wackiness of Japan, you might like this song. This song is quite quirky and it is a song people either love or hate. Try listening to it a few times before you make your final judgment. Miyavi has quite a number of quirky songs, so if you like this song, you will most likely appreciate many of his other compositions.

5. Itoshii Hito

Itoshii Hito is a ballad song. This song was rumored to be about a child that was lost due to miscarriage.

It is great to see Miyavi getting more exposure in the West due to his acting and appearance in The Ellen DeGeneres’s Show. If you are interested in following updates on Miyavi, you may visit the links below:

Miyavi’s official website
Miyavi’s official Facebook fan page
Miyavi’s twitter page
Miyavi’s Youtube page
Miyavi’s Instagram account

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