Why Are Bangs so Popular Among Japanese Girls?

  • If you walk down a busy street in Tokyo, take a train during rush hour or if you just keep sitting in a coffee shop, you might notice something in Japanese girls. Most fashion conscious ladies wear perfectly coordinated clothes, no strains, no resurrected old clothes, and usually fit for the current season, fashion-hype and occasion. You also might notice that nearly all girls wear make up. Some overdo it, some do their best to get a natural look and some even opt for the no-make-up-look. Most of them, at least over 20 years old dye their hair in a shade of brown, bolder ones even go blond, but dark brown or medium brown is most popular. Then finally, what nearly nine out of ten girls have in common is bangs! Have you not noticed it yet? Then go out, look at the next ten ladies passing by and you will see that any woman, who tries to look her best will almost always have bangs. “Maegami” (前髪) as they are called in Japanese, are extremely popular among all the good looking Japanese women!

    So what are the reasons?

    Television personalities and other stars

    Famous people play a big role in shaping fashion trends. Fashion model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has bangs, nearly all of the numerous members of the j-pop group AKB48 have bangs and many famous actresses have bangs as well.

    Hot, adorable and innocent looking

    Bangs are hot, at least if well cut and well styled. If cut sharply, they remind some of the okappa-hairstyle (おかっぱ)which used to be a traditional hairstyle but is nowadays often only used for younger schoolgirls and kindergarten kids. So bangs can add a mix of innocence and sexiness to a girls face! The term for super straight cut bangs is patsun (ぱっつん) which is an onomatopoeic phrase Japanese use for the scissors’ sound when bangs are cut dramatically horizontally.

    There might be tons of other reasons, but above are probably the most applying ones. What do you think?

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