Only in Japan: Fantasy Curry, a Dinner and a Date in a Box!

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  • Behold the poor lonely salarymen, always rushing to work in cramped trains and pulling long hours without social life. Meals are usually taken on the go or standing up in one of the numerous food stalls in the country. Too much work and not enough time for social life seems to be the norm. In a country that has maid and hostess cafes, it’s no surprise that they would tackle this problem head on. Now comes an ingenious solution – all packaged in a fancy box – Otoko no Mousou Curry or “Fantasy” Curry For Men!

    Curry + Swimsuit Model Girlfriend

    Fittingly, curry is the meal most Japanese men would like their partners to make for them. This perfectly matches with the Village Vanguard, a local novelty book shop, and sales go brisk. This instant curry provides a hot fulfilling meal with a built in girlfriend experience. There’s a DVD included that you watch while eating your curry starring 27-year-old Mao Harada (aka Haradan), a popular swimsuit model. She provides the complete girlfriend experience. There are three different versions ranging from being your younger girlfriend, a risqué next door neighbor, or as herself making this homecooked meal.

    All you have to do is pop the DVD in while eating and you will never be lonely while eating your delicious curry, and you will even have your “girlfriend” put the spoon of curry into your mouth! Something worth mentioning is as Mao Harada is from Ehime prefecture in Japan known for it’s mandarin oranges, the curry itself has a slight citrus flavor, definitely not the usual curry type!

    The meal is quite a steal at 1500 yen for 200 grams or 7.1 ounces, girlfriend experience included. No word yet if there’s a version for women – Fantasy Ramen for women anyone?! Just food for thought! Itadakimasu!

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