5 Things That Are “So Japan!”

  • There are certain things that are so distinctive of Japan, that I’m pretty sure they have caught the attention of many foreigners. Listed here are five things that will have you saying, “That is so Japan!”

    1. Bowing

    Two groups of businessmen bowing to each other, side view

    On top of the list is how the Japanese bow almost all of the time. The Japanese are known to be very polite, and bowing is one way to show their respect for one other. It is even said that the lower one bows, the greater the respect is shown for the other person bowed to.

    2. Peace Sign

    so japan peace sign

    “Piisu!”, as the Japanese would say, is a very famous hand sign you see in photos. Alright— so maybe this one isn’t exclusive to just Japanese, as many Asians do this when posing for a photo. Although, when one comes to visit Japan, it would be pretty impossible to miss this during your trip, especially when visiting tourist spots.
    Popular with adolescents, the peace sign isn’t really supposed to mean anything, although there is some history that comes with it. Most people do it just to look cute, which brings us to number three on this list.

    3. Kawaii Culture

    Everything in Japan is cute, wouldn’t you agree? Part of Japan’s popular culture is making everything “kawaii” or cute. From their clothing, novelty items, toys, displays, and even their food— everything is just so undeniably adorable!

    4. Vending Machines

    so japan vending machine

    Vending machines are all over Japan. The most common ones you see are the ones that sell beverages. Some also sell beer, ice cream, toys and souvenirs, fresh fruit, and even ready-to-go hot meals. In some areas, there are even be vending machines that give out panties and condoms! Nice one, Japan! With vending machines, the possibilities are endless!

    5. Hilarious commercials and shows

    As if the Japanese haven’t thought of everything already, here they are going at us with their one-of-a-kind sense of humor. Videos of various Japanese commercials, pranks and game shows have gone viral on social media and have spread like wildfire! Some videos are pretty extreme and go all out in their pranking, which makes it very entertaining. If you haven’t seen any of these videos yet, click the links below.

    Funny commercials
    Game shows
    Prank shows

    Oh, Japan, you are something else! Being weaved together with threads of strong traditional customs, modern living, and futuristic advancements, this country gives us one big cozy quilt of awesomeness! These five things mentioned above are just a few things that make Japan, well— Japan! Are there any others you can think of?

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