Three Most Popular Canned Coffee Brands in Japan

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  • Since 1965, Japan has developed a close relationship with kan kohi (canned coffee). In a survey conducted in the country, a typical Japanese consumer can consume an average of 100 cans of coffee each year. To keep up with the fast growing demand of the Japanese tastebuds, beverage industries produce 100 variants of coffee annually.


    Take note, there are about 5 million vending machines all over Japan that are ready to supply everyone with their favorite canned coffee with prices ranging from 120 – 150 yen. With so many variants of coffee to choose from, here are the top three coffee brand that you can usually find in a vending machine

    1. Boss by Suntory


    Boss is one of the many brands of beverage produced by the company Suntory in Japan which is also the second biggest distributor of canned coffee in the country. This brand of canned coffee was released in 1992 with a slogan “SUNTORY BOSS is the boss of them all since 1992.” The brand logo is usually seen with a mustached man smoking a pipe. But the logo was eventually changed into a man reading a newspaper or playing a saxophone. Perhaps the most popular actor who endorsed the brand who also became the brand ambassador in April 2006 was Tommy Lee Jones. Based on the list of canned coffee variants in Japan provided by, Boss currently offers around 40 different types of canned and bottled coffee from latte to machiatto to cappucino to espresso served either hot or cold. Some of the most popular varieties of Boss are Boss Bosspresso, Boss Cafe au Lait, and Black Boss.

    Boss*Japanese Only

    2. Georgia by Coca-Cola

    Sold by Coca-Cola Company, Georgia is one of the most popular canned coffee brands sold in Japan with about 64 varieties currently out in the market to choose from–original blend, mocha, latte, milk and bitter and more. Georgia coffee was launched by Coca-Cola Japan in 1975 and so far, it has dominated the canned coffee industry in Japan with 980,000 vending machines serving this brand of coffee. This brand has already expanded in other countries such as Singapore, South Korea, India, Bahrain and the US. Some of the most popular variants include Georgia Summer, Georgia Royal, and Emblem Black.

    Georgia by Coca Cola

    3. Nescafe by Nestlé


    Nescafe is a coffee brand produced by Nestle–a Swiss company which specializes in food and beverage products. The brand name is combination of the words “Nestle and “cafe”. The instant coffee Nescafe was first introduced on April 1, 1938 in Switzerland with the aim to help Brazil preserved their coffee surplus. Later, Nescafe expanded to a freeze-dried coffee brand called Nescafe Gold in Europe and eventually established a subsidiary company in Japan in 1975. Today, Nescafe offers 20 different types of canned coffee aside from their instant ground coffee and 3-in-1 products. Some of their canned coffee variants include Santa Marta Au Lait, Nescafe Sparkling Cafe, and Single Bean.

    Nescafe by Nestle

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