What to Buy at Tokyo Station: the 37 Best Souvenirs

  • Anyone who is traveling to Tokyo will no doubt use Tokyo Station during their stay. It is located at the center of the 23 special wards in Chiyoda-ku and is close to many tourist attractions such as the Imperial Palace and the ritzy shopping district of Ginza. You could say Tokyo Station is the main hub of traveling through the city! It is also historically significant. The station was opened in 1914 and has two main exits, the Marunouchi side (west) and the Yaesu side (east). The Marunouchi side is extremely well known for its beautiful architecture and its recent renovation to restore it back to its pre-war design. But the more modern Yaesu side has not been left out! It was also renovated and is now complete with a new exterior too!

    Many tourists, residents, and locals gather there for plenty of reasons – business, travel along one of the many busy train lines, and of course, shopping. Tokyo Station is enormous and it has plenty to offer in terms of souvenirs. If you’re visiting and aren’t sure what to bring back home to your family and friends, your best bet is Tokyo Station! It has something for everyone. Here are some of the best items to bring home after your trip.

    1. Tokyo Banana

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    This souvenir is both amusing and tasty. You can see Tokyo Banana located in plenty of spots all around the station on the first floor. The box normally has a banana with a bow on the front, and there is a design on the actual cake too! In addition to the traditional banana cream flavor, other flavors include caramel, banana pudding, and chocolate banana!

    Tokyo Banana (Japanese only)

    2. Fairycake Fair Animal Cupcakes

    Fairycake Fair is located in the Gransta section of the station. It is a cute little bakery with some seats for you to enjoy your baked goods. However, one of the best things that you can box up and bring home are these adorable sets of cupcakes with panda, chick, pig, frog and bear faces on them! They’re almost too cute to eat!

    Fairycake Fair

    3. Tokyo Hiyoko (grilled potato version)

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    Tokyo Hiyoko is a chick-shaped sweet (hiyoko is Japanese for chick) with a “yolk” in the middle made of bean paste. This souvenir is actually something that you can find in several parts of the city itself. But what’s exciting about looking for them in Tokyo Station is more variety! The grilled potato version is especially delicious if you’re looking for a different flavor. You can find these in the Meihinkans at either the central or south exits!

    Tokyo Hiyoko (Japanese only)

    4. Stick Waffles

    Another sweet treat that everyone you know will love are the stick waffles found in Gransta in the basement. If you’re using the Sobu Line, you’ll be quite close to this shop! These waffles are coated in several sweet icing flavors and are a must-have for anyone who has a sweet tooth!


    5. Chocolate Lollipops from Marche de Chocolat

    Another Gransta find, these are made by Mary’s Chocolate and are quite possibly the most elegantly adorable lollipops you will ever see. From their cute wrapping in pastel colors to the designs like smiley faces or snowflakes piped on their surface. You won’t be able to resist!

    Mary’s Chocolate

    6. Colombin’s Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building ‘Fours Secs’

    These would be a great present as they are easy to transport and celebrate the history of the station and its famous exterior! These cookies come in a few different shapes including standard square or circle shaped with the Marunouchi building on them. These are found in the Meihikan of the station near the central or south exits.

    Colombin (Japanese only)

    7. Awaya Sobey’s Tokyo Station Monaka

    Another great item that will remind you of the Marunouchi building is this historical sweet shop’s treat. Monaka is made of mochi wafers with bean paste filling. But this special monaka also has cream filling as in made in the building’s shape! You can buy them in packs of five for 1,300 yen or individually for 260 yen. What a great way to remember your trip or introduce Tokyo Station to your family.

    Awaya Sobey (Japanese only)

    8. Mamegui

    Let’s take a break from food souvenirs for a moment! This shop in Gransta sells small snacks that are bundled up in beautiful cloths. You can buy one of the specially wrapped snacks for a friend or buy it for yourself and use the cloth to wrap up a different gift!

    Mamegui (Japanese only)

    9. Tokyo Campanella

    What could be better than chocolate langue de chat cookies in a beautiful blue package? These sweets found in the Gift Garden in Central Street of the station come in all-chocolate form or vanilla cookie with white chocolate filling. Delicious and nice to look at!

    Tokyo Campanella

    10. Pretzel-shaped Gummies

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    If you are looking for something a bit on the unusual side, here’s the perfect option. As the 1st floor of the station is covered in places to buy sweets, you’ll come across these colorful gummy candies there too!

    11. Tokyo Honey Sugar

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    Maybe the stick waffles didn’t suit you, so you’d like to try another variety of waffle that Tokyo Station has to offer? Why not have these? These crispy waffles are honey flavored and baked in a beehive pattern to match that taste! You can find these in the Meihikans.


    12. Tokyo Character Street’s Ever-changing Goods

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    If you want to get away from the Marunouchi goods and take some time browsing the Yaesu side of the station, you will be able to take a colorful, splendid walk down Tokyo Character Street. You can find plenty of character goods here, of course, but the options vary as many stores are open for a limited time. This could be great for your friends, though, when you tell them you’ve bought a special plushie that will soon be out of stock!

    13. Potato Yokan from Funawa

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    This gift is great because it’s two delicious Japanese sweets in one package! Yokan is generally a long, rectanuglar brick made from red beanpaste. This time it has a sweet potato flavor! Not only that, you can get the adorable, multicolored balls of beanpaste that are reminiscent of everlasting gobstoppers in appearance but much more subtle in taste.

    Funawa (Japanese only)

    14. Macarons from Dalloyau

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    Who doesn’t love a sweet, delicious macaron? These may be French sweets and not a Japanese tradition, but they are certainly popular among the Japanese! The colorful arrangements you can receive at Dalloyau are so delicious that you might not want to share them when you get back!

    Dalloyau Japan (Japanese only)

    15. Kanra’s Mame Daifuku

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    Another basement/Gransta find! If you are looking for a traditional Japanese sweet – this is the one! Daifuku is mochi with a beanpaste filling. But at this particular shop, the mochi has been filled quite generously with this tasty red bean flavor.

    Kanra (Japanese only)

    16. Gin no Budou Chocolate Sandwich

    chocolate sandwich

    Gin no Budou is a sweets shop where you can find items that are available in other locations but also items sold only in Tokyo Station. A great gift for chocolate lovers out there is their chocolate sandwich (abbreviated as “chocolate sand”). It is a long cookie sandwich with cream filling and for a box of 8 at a price of 712 yen, it is worth every penny!

    Gin no Budou (Japanese only)

    17. Kabuki-ya Honpo Goods

    kabukiya hanpo

    Another non-food item! This shop is also in the Character Street area and features all kinds of Kabuki-themed merchandise. You can buy things like towels, folding fans, snacks and even some items of your favorite characters in Kabuki-themed costumes! You will have plenty of choices at this shop.

    Kabuki-ya Honpo (Japanese only)

    18. Izumiya Cookies

    If you want a container for your souvenirs that is a bit sturdier than a brightly colored paper box, you will be happy to buy a big silver tin of these cookies. The Tokyo Izumiya is credited with being the first shop in Japan to sell cookies! This might be a nice and delicious gift for the history buffs in your family.


    19. Sugared Red Beans from Mameya


    If you are looking for extremely cute packaging, this is a great shop! Mameya has plenty of sugared bean snacks in a few varieties (even chocolate!) but what makes them really special are the adorable boxes they come in! Not only are they shaped like beans, but designs on them include different animals or Japanese flowers and even some special seasonal boxes too!

    Mameya (Japanese only)

    20. Cream-filled Waffles from R.L

    r l waffles

    The last delicious waffles on the list from Tokyo Station come from R.L. These are soft, cream-filled waffles whose flavors change every 2 months or so. The reason being that the waffles’ filling can be changed with seasonal fruits or flavors! Grab some in (you guessed it) Gransta!


    21. Chocolate Sticks from the Imperial Hotel Shop

    imperial hotel chocolate

    These are some beautifully packaged chocolates. The box would be a great one to keep once everyone has eaten one of these sticks. They come in 3 different flavors and, of course, are only sold at Tokyo Station! They can be found in Central Street.

    Imperial Hotel

    22. Hello Kitty Goods

    hello kitty shop

    As you may have imagined, Hello Kitty is quite the ubiqutous figure in Japan! Her image is used on plenty of things throughout the country, but she is especially present in Tokyo Station! There is a shop dedicated to her in Character Street to pick up plenty of items for anyone you know who loves Hello Kitty. You probably can’t go wrong with a handtowel or some stationary!

    23. Pierre Marcolini Biscuits


    Belgian chocolate brought home from Japan? Sounds unusual but it’s quite tasty! These cookies are a special variety only found at this brand’s shop in Tokyo Station. They are rich sandwich cookies that are larger than your average Japanese sweet from a box. So if you’re from a country that is used to bigger food, your friends will appreciate this one!

    Pierre Marcolini (Japanese only)

    24. Maple Mania’s Maple Confections

    maple cookies

    This shop has plenty of maple-flavored goodies but their best seller is more than likely the maple butter cookies. Another langue de chat style, these cookies have the signature maple flavor with white chocolate in the center.

    Maple Mania

    25. Edo Musubisen from FUMIU

    This is a brans that has designated items for Tokyo Station. What is unique about this item is the makers use ingredients from the Edo period in its traditional Japanese snacks. For those of you who do not want anything sweet, senbei is an excellent choice. These crunchy rice crackers are the quintissential Japanese snack.

    Sanshu Group

    26. Shiseido Parlour Cheesecake

    shiseido cheesecake

    Here is a unique present that will suit most people! These little cheesecake bites come in small blue boxes and can be found on the first floor of the station. Creamy and delicious, these won’t disappoint. However, you might only want to get them if your next destination is close!

    Shiseido Parlour

    27. Glico Snacks


    Here is a more fun option for your snack souvenirs! At the Glico shop in Tokyo Station, you will find plenty of items that are only sold there. As Glico is quite a large snack company, you won’t be at a loss for what to buy. A bonus: you can get some giant (and giant rainbow) Pocky sticks here!

    Glico Kitchen (Japanese only)

    28. Nihonbashi Nishikihorin Karinto

    An essential souvenir from Tokyo Station, these snacks are crunchy and delicious. Normally made in a brown sugar flavor, the karinto from Nishikorin are available in a variety of flavors. You can also buy them in boxes or smaller packs depending on how many people you want to share them with!

    Nishikorin Gransta page (Japanese only)

    29. Sugar Butter Tree

    The sugar butter tree and sugar butter tree sandwich cookie have become an essential souvenir to purchase at Tokyo station! The treat comes in a few varieties such as plain, as the aforementioned sandwich cookie and also in a few chocolate varieties too! They are sweet and crispy. Give them a try!

    Sugar Butter Tree (Japanese only)

    30. Forma Cheesecake

    ADD forma cheesecake

    A famous shop in Kansai, Forma’s only shop in the Kanto region happens to be in Tokyo station! This delicious cheesecake is a must-buy, especially if you want to buy the assortment. There are six different flavors of cheesecake to enjoy for the price of 1944 yen.

    Forma (Japanese only)

    31. Dolce Felice Poundcake

    ADD dolce felice

    Dolce Felice, found in Gransta, has a gorgeous variety of poundcake. There is certainly nothing ordinary about these delicious cakes. They are decorated beautifully with various fruits and nuts. A box of these would make a great souvenir due to the fantastic presentation!

    32. Honey bears from Terra Saison

    ADD honey bears

    Terra Saison is possibly more famous in Tokyo station for its roll cake. However, a much more adorable souvenir they produce are their honey bears. These little guys are petite, teddybear-shaped cakes with (of course) a honey filling. Too cute!

    Laterre (Japanese only)

    33. Tokyo Rengapan

    Here is a hefty-looking, light tasting treat from the station. The brick (renga) shaped sweet bread is filled with a layer of bean paste underneath a layer of cream. It’s even got Tokyo Station written on the top!

    34. Jiyuugaoka Mayu Monaka Hachi no Ie

    This sweet whose name “Hachi no Ie” literally means “bee’s house” have a delicate design resembling a wasp’s nest! But not to worry, they are light and subtle, as is common with most Japanese sweets. Filled quite generously with bean paste, the “bee’s house” come in a few colors and can be eaten in one bite!

    35. Keishindo Senbei

    ADD keishindo senbei

    For anyone who thought senbei was ordinary – think again! Keishindo produce senbei that comes in several shapes and designs! From Tokyo landmarks to cute animals like pandas. They even make senbei with designs for holidays like Halloween or New Year’s. A fun souvenir with that perfect hint of Japanese culture.

    36. Brick rollcake from Bobby Juchheim

    ADD bobby juchheim

    This roll cake is another souvenir exclusive to Tokyo station. The pattern on the cake, shaped like bricks, is modeled after the Marunouchi building. It also comes in a chocolate filling version. You can find it

    37. Tokyo Financier

    ADD tokyo financier

    Like the above-mentioned roll cake, this bite-sized cake is also in the aka renga or red brick style! If the recipients of your gifts were hoping for their own little piece of the famous Marunouchi building, this is an essential souvenir!

    Enjoy Your Choices!

    And that brings the list of the best Tokyo Station souvenirs to a close. You will have plenty of options during your travels here and all in one place. You might not even have to leave the station since walking around it is an adventure in itself! Happy shopping!

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