What to Buy in Fukuoka, 40 Most Delectable and Popular Souvenirs

  • When you think of Fukuoka, ramen or yatai (food stalls) may spring to mind. However, when it’s time to buy some Japanese memoirs back to your friends and family, it might be difficult to bring back that hearty bowl of delicious Hakata ramen you had last night.


    This is why we are going to tell you about the most popular and delicious souvenirs you can get from Fukuoka!

    1. Hakata Torimon


    The number one most popular Fukuoka souvenir is torimon, a type of steamed jam bun stuffed with a milk butter paste. The combination of a slightly sweet taste along with the sensation of your teeth sinking into the soft outer is heavenly.

    2. Hakata no Hito


    With a peculiar name literally meaning “Hakata woman,” but a quite adorably round appearance, this is also a popular gift. The taste is a lightly sweet moist mix of egg, baumkuchen, and sweet bean jelly.

    3. Niwaka senpei


    This rice cracker is modeled after Hakata Niwaka, a type of comedic traditional performance in which performers wear Niwaka half-face masks.
    Some stores even offer a set in which you can get a mask along with the senbei.

    4. Niwaka mask


    This funny Niwaka mask is what comedic traditional performers wear when they entertain and make jokes about local events and news. You can only see this performance at Hakata Dontaku Festival in May and the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival in July, but if you get this mask you can relive the experience every day!

    5. Keiran somen


    Keiran somen, or egg noodle, is a sweet food tradition carried down from Portugal’s angel hair dessert. It is made of egg yolks and syrup and finished off with a tie. The result is very pleasing to the eye!

    6. Hakata doll


    Inspired by the traditional performance arts of Noh, Kabuki, and Ukiyoe woodblock prints, these ceramic dolls are bursting full of tradition and can make be a nice token to those who love the traditional arts.

    7. Hakata hanami chicken


    Kyushu’s famous Hana-midori chicken has been made into a sweet and salty, yet mildly spicy fried chicken flavor snack. This chicken snack has proven its addictiveness by even appearing on TV as Fukuoka Airport’s newest classic snack.

    8. Hakata fuwari


    Seriously the fluffiest most divine cheese biscuit you will ever taste, its bite sized portions are also perfect! So popular there is also a chocolate version!

    9. Meika hiyoko


    With its beady little eyes staring up at you with irresistible cuteness, how can you even bear to take a bit of the little chick-shaped bean-jam filled snack?

    10. Hakata potato


    Sweet potato made even sweeter? Yep, you got it! With a perfect blend of sweet potato paste and whipped cream, you can even perhaps have your spud-fearing friends give it a try!

    11. Hakata burabura


    Bura bura’s looks may be odd but if you like sticky mochi rice cake you will surely enjoy this mix of red bean and mochi!

    12. Yuki usagi


    A marshmallow snack in the form of a white bunny, filled with sweet white bean paste! Another snack which you might find too adorable to eat, lest give away!

    13. Norikuro


    So we know seaweed is an acquired taste, but we have to say, once you start eating Norikuro you can’t stop! Meant to be a seasoning/topping used like mayonnaise to be added to anything! The flavoring is a blend of yuzu citrus fruit and seaweed which creates a salty yet tangy taste that will surely excite your taste buds.

    14. Chidori manju


    At first glance you might take this for the typical manju (steamed bean jam filled snack) but there is actually a stylish print of a plover bird, which is what the snack is named after! After all, Japanese food is all about visuals as much as taste and quality!

    15. Ishidatami chocora brownie


    Chocolate lovers must get their hands on these melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownie-like goodies! Although similar in visuals to Royce chocolates, we are sure you will love these chunky snacks just as much!

    16. Mikatsuki (crescent) wrapped croissant


    Baked straight from a croissant specialty store in Fukuoka Airport, the croissants are wrapped simply yet still maintain their fresh taste. Just be sure to eat them while they are still fresh!

    17. Jaga hokkori


    Calbee, the king of potato chips in Japan, has done it again. Jaga hokkori is yet another one of their masterpieces but thicker, with a freshly baked potato taste. It’s like a cross between thin potato chips and potato wedges you can get from a burger restaurant! Great for when you get hungry enough for an appetizer but not enough for a whole meal!

    18. Pudding dorayaki


    Fans of the original red-bean filled dorayaki sandwich may find this a bit tooth-achey sweet but you should give this novel version a try. The melty pudding makes a nice contrast with the soft flour sandwich, and it tastes even better half-frozen!

    19. tubu tube


    Bright and colorful, these tubes look like bottles of hand lotion! So warn your friends before they slather it all over their hands because tubu tubes are actually tubes of dressing! They come in olive basil, sesame, plain regular, and mild! It is recommended to use them with mentaiko, marinated pollock roe.

    20. Black niwaka senpei


    While the original niwaka senpei has a set of dull looking eyes just like the traditional comedic performers’ masks, this black version can be considered a more fashionable version with glasses. Its blackness looks a bit like charcoal but the taste is just as good. Trust us, as it’s Okinawa-made brown sugar and bamboo charcoal.

    21. Ebi mentai senbei


    Topped with Fukuoka’s famous mentaiko flavoring mixed with the taste of shrimp, this rice cracker is a bit spicy but just right!

    22. Hakata ichikoro


    Have you heard of the famous Hakata Amao strawberries? Now you can get them in the form of spongy creamy sweets. When you get a whiff of the enticing strawberry smell, you will be smiling before you know it, hence the origin of Hakata ichikoro’s name.

    23. Hakata kari kari chicken skin


    Made in Kyushu, this chicken skin has been fried to a crisp, and would go perfectly with a mug of beer!

    24. Spicy menbei


    The more you bite into it, the spicier it gets! If you ever wanted to try a spicy cracker, this is the one! It is a mentaiko-flavored rice cracker with the added spicy pepper pepenero. Another snack to pair with your late night beer habit.

    25. Menbei (original)


    The mentaiko-flavored rice cracker actually has octopus and squid flavors mixed inside, making for a unique spicy taste.

    26. Hakata king’s egg



    WIth a strawberry jam filling covered by white chocolate this sponge cake is a soft delicacy.

    27. Tsukushi mochi


    Winner of the 2014 Monde Selection for 7 years straight, you have no excuse not to buy this as your omiyage souvenir. The high quality beans-made mochi and the alluring way it tastes is even better with black honey drizzled over it.

    28. Hakata ori


    The beauty of the textiles lie in the fact that this craft is only carried out in Hakata. The very high quality makes for durability and a rich color palette. You can even have some cloth made into your very own kimono! (Psst! Sometimes buying omiyage for yourself is okay too!)

    29. Non color-additives mentaiko


    Great for the mentaiko lover or for the brave one who is willing to try new things. It tastes even better with the Kyushu speciality “Takumi” sauce.

    30. Hakata nakanaka (jerky)


    Life is not just about beef jerky; you have also gotta try mentaiko jerky! The staunch spicy taste goes well with beer!

    31. Strawberry fromage cake


    The blend of freeze dried strawberry, cream cheese and mascarpone fromage mousse makes a heavenly piece of baked cheesecake. Fluffy yet has a distinct strawberry taste. Yum!

    Gift Gallery Ishibashi

    32. Narikin Manju


    What makes this different is the inside filling of white bean jam paste sandwiched between two flour mini-pancakes with an exquisite flower design. Another interesting fact is that the product name is derived from the youth who had failed in the making process.

    Shinomiya Shop

    33. Tsuru no ko (Crane’s Egg)


    Loved for over 100 years as one of Hakata’s best souvenirs, the egg yolk paste nestled inside a marshmallow outer is as good as it gets! You can literally taste why this snack has been beloved for so long.

    Rakuten Ichiba Hakata Specialty Corner

    34. Kurobou


    Made from brown sugar, this cake is as soft as pillows. It’s been steamed to be nice and gentle to the touch.


    35. Hakata Squid Shumai


    They may look fuzzy and strange at first, not like your typical shumai, but trust us they are so good! These are made with squid, and if kept frozen you can keep it up to 1 month! So it’s perfect for gifts.

    Hakusui Online Store

    36. Hakata Horosaku


    Horosaku is bite-size and full of amao strawberry flavors as it melts in your mouth. Also pink and tiny, this is very popular amongst women!

    Hakata FuBian

    37. Nanoka


    Once you open the package you can get a whiff of orange peels, which is the trademark of Nanoka. A soft cake that smells refreshingly good, it can even be a gift suitable for your superiors (like your boss!)


    38. Akagosu


    Just a normal dorayaki? Think again. The name of Akago refers to a helmet that allows the wearer to become indestructible. This means that this snack is a definite winner!


    39. Character Goods


    Brands like Sanrio usually make character goods that are limited to a certain area, so they are fun to collect and even pass out to friends as “proof” you have been there! Hakata has a amao strawberry version of Hello Kitty, which can be bought at any little omiyage store.

    40. Amao Strawberry


    If you have time outside of sightseeing it might be a fun and unique experience to go strawberry picking! Especially when you know how famous the amao strawberries of Fukuoka are…

    Click here for a strawberry picking guide in Fukuoka!

    If not, you can even buy the strawberries online if you are in Japan and just don’t have time to go picking!


    A few last words…

    So this list may contain foods that you at first may think are too strange or unique to the taste for your friends and family. But since you have come alllll the way to Japan, which is full of uniquely tasty things, why not bring a bit of it back to share? So enjoy your omiyage shopping but just don’t forget to enjoy your last bowl of Hakata ramen!

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