Stay Connected: Top 3 Pocket WiFi Rental Services in Japan

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  • You’re travelling to Japan but you can’t use a roaming feature for your phone. Now, what should you do?

    One of the must-dos while travelling to Japan is obtaining a pocket wifi. A pocket wifi is a must when travelling to and around Japan so you can communicate with your friends online and easily use google map when you need directions or when you’re lost. Although Japan has an LTE technology available across the country and there is lately an increase in public wifi spots, the absolute best is still to rent a pocket wifi. But first, what is a pocket wifi?

    Pocket Wi-Fi


    A pocket wifi is a mini router without cables. You can easily connect to the network using a password. You can also simply have it in your bag while you’re using it.

    Here are three great choices for renting a pocket wifi:



    CDJapan’s mobile wifi has a maximum download speed at 150Mbps and maximum upload at 50Mbps. You can connect 11 devices to their pocket wifi. It only costs 200 yen per day for 7 days. And you can also choose one of their many plans: a 5-day plan for 2750 yen and a 30-day plan for only 6000 yen. They actually offer two kinds of pocket wifi. For finding more information on their plans, please head to their website.
    CDJapan will deliver the pocket wifi to your hotel, residence, office or to the airport post office for collection. To return the pocket wifi, just place it in the envelope they will provide and drop it off into any red postbox.

    Econnect Japan


    Econnect Japan’s pocket wifi has 4G, 3G and 300Kbps plans. For 4G, the cost is 432 ~ 1,080 yen per day and it has a 1GB of data usage. Moreover, the 4G-pocket wifi has a download speed of 75Mbps, upload of 25Mbps and can connect with up to ten devices. While for 3G, the cost is 343 ~ 980 yen per day and unlimited data usage. In addition, it connects to five devices. Last but not the least, 300Kbps costs 252 ~ 420 yen per day and also has an unlimited data use. It has a download speed of 300 kbps and an upload of 300 Kbps as well. It, too, connects to up to five devices. For more information about the plans, check this site.

    Econnect Japan will also deliver the pocket wifi to your Hotel or the airport.

    Global Advanced Communications


    Last but not least is the pocket wifi service of Global Advanced Communications. What’s especially good about Global Advanced Communications is they offer a Super Premium Wifi, which has a download speed of 187.5 Mbps and an upload of 10MBps. It also can connect up to 14 devices at the same time. This is a good plan for a huge family trip. Other plans include the premium wifi, standard wifi and eco wifi. For more information about their plans, check their website.

    I personally think it is great that we can get a pocket wifi while in Japan to be always able to connect to the web for communication, directions and dictionaries. I will surely rent one next time I travel!

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