What to Buy at Haneda Airport: 40 Souvenirs to Get Before You Leave!

  • If you are traveling to or from Japan through Haneda Airport, you’re very lucky! It is closer to Tokyo’s main attractions than Narita Airport and also has a seemingly less busy atmosphere. In addition to these good qualities, Haneda also has some great shopping. So, if you were too busy enjoying yourself on your travels and forgot to buy some souvenirs for your family or friends, no need to panic! Haneda has plenty of great options – including some items exclusive to the airport!

    haneda airport

    1. Honey Apple Baumkuchen (Honihhi Apfelbaum from Karl Juchheim)

    apple baumkuchen

    While this cake has German roots, it is a popular dessert in Japan. There are many varieties of baumkuchen – they come in many sizes, shapes and flavors – but the apple variety at Haneda is both cute and delicious! Not only is it in round and apple-like in appearance, on the inside is some tasty apple compote! You can find this in Terminal 1.

    Karl JuchheimWebsite

    2. Haneda Airport Starbucks Tumbler

    haneda tumbler

    You can actually make this tumbler go from day to night when you use it. When it’s empty, the daytime design is seen on the outside. Pour some coffee inside and it becomes night! These are sold exclusively at Haneda, so you or whoever is receiving this tumbler will feel very special.

    3. Custard Pudding Roll Cake

    pudding roll cake

    This cake from Pastel is quite popular among those buying souvenirs. It is a delicious cake with cream and, of course, pudding inside! Give it a try if you can and be careful bringing this delicate little cake home.

    Pastel Website (Japanese only)

    4. Hello Kitty Cream Daifuku

    hello kitty daifuku

    You can’t leave Japan without a Hello Kitty item in your bag. If you’re not interested in Hello Kitty keepsakes, why not just get something you can eat? These daifuku are adorably decorated with Hello Kitty’s face! Your kawaii-loving friends will appreciate these. Get them at the Hello Kitty shop on the 5th floor.

    Hello Kitty Store

    5. Oekaki Macaron

    oekaki macaron 2

    Not a fan of Hello Kitty? That’s okay! You can find something equally cute in terminals 1 (at Piers 1 and 4) and 2 (Smile Tokyo). Since ekaki means drawing a picture, these sweets are aptly named. They have plenty of animal designs as well as important Tokyo spots or everyday kawaii things.

    oekaki macaron

    6. Yojiya Cosmetics

    oil blotting paper

    An interesting cosmetics line with an equally interesting logo! If you’re in love with beauty products, you can take a look in their shops! Their limited-to-Haneda product is their aloe blotting paper. You can buy two varieties, red or green covers to take with you on your journey.

    Yojiya Website

    7. Curry Senbei

    curry senbei

    Japan’s delicious rice cracker has gotten a makeover! Curry-flavored senbei from Nakamuraya is a great gift for anyone who doesn’t like sweets and instead prefers something a little spicy!

    Nakamuraya (Japanese only)

    8. La ChaCha Green Tea Cakes

    lacha cake

    Here is something with a traditional Japanese twist! Soft green tea-flavored cake with some cream in the middle! It’s sweet and delicious. Get some in Smile Tokyo, near Gate 62 if you can!

    9. Hiyoko Petit Dessert

    hiyoko dessert

    Tokyo Hiyoko goods are available in several spots that travelers frequent. A special version you can pick up in Haneda Airport is the “dessert” or, chick-shaped fruit-flavored gelatin! If you have friends or family who have been to Tokyo before, this might be a nice change from the other Hiyoko snacks for them!

    Tokyo Hiyoko (Japanese only)

    10. Design Japan Culture Goods

    design japan culture goods

    This shop is quite unique in that in addition to its T-shirts and anime goods, it also has plenty of more traditional gifts as well. There are household items made in traditional style and with Japanese designs. You can pick up almost anything for your home from ceramic bowls to glasses shaped like Mount Fuji!

    11. Haneda Roll

    Made by a brand called Arinco, here is another delicious roll cake to pick up is this one. This one is (if you couldn’t tell by its name) sold only in Haneda Airport. This cake is soft, white and fluffy with a hint of orange from the orange peel inside.

    All about the roll cake (in Japanese)

    12. Sora no Tabi Yokan

    sora no tabi yokan

    A traditional Japanese sweet, yokan is made from bean paste and is very light in texture and taste. This special yokan (called sky travel in English) is quite a different color from the usual brownish purple, dark green or even pale yellow varieties. It is said that the 15th generation shopkeeper was looking out of an airplane window and was moved by the sunset. Thus, he decided to make yokan that was a sunset color! A Beautiful story for a beautiful dessert.

    13. Kit Kats

    kitkat flavors

    Japan is known for having an abundance of “unusual” Kit Kat flavors. Not all of them are readily available in your average grocery store, but you can certainly find many varieties in Haneda! What will it be? Strawberry? Green tea? Wasabi? Make your decision at one of the shops on the 3rd floor.

    14. Gateau au Chocolat Rusk

    gateau au chocolat rusk

    If you’re unable to bring back a cake from your trip, this might be a nice way to have your cake and eat it too. This snack tastes just like a rich gateau au chocolat but in a crispier, more portable form. They can be found in various shops in both terminals.

    15. Smile Tokyo Madeleine Rusk

    madeleine rusk

    Here is another delicious rusk for the person in your family who isn’t necessarily a chocolate lover. While there is also a chocolate flavor, at Smile Tokyo in terminal 2, you can buy these delicious crunchy versions of the traditionally soft madeleines.

    16. Makanai Cosme

    Another find for beauty lovers. This brand sells plenty of wonderful skin care products. According to their website, these products were originally made for women who worked in a gold leaf foundry in harsh conditions. They are also made with natural ingredients which make them perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Their shop is located on the 4th floor.

    Makanai Website

    17. Peasen


    A crunchy little snack that usually comes in Parisian-style packaging. It comes in four different flavors, plain (peanuts), cheese, black sesame, and shrimp. You can buy packs with some of each type all together! You can find them in the Marketplace section of terminals 1 and 2.

    Peasen Website (Japanese only)

    18. Black Sesame Yokan (Koan) from Gomadokoro Muhoan


    An interesting snack that comes in a rather chic box! Black sesame and Japanese yam have been mixed together to make this smokey-sweet deliciousness. Give it a try if you like black sesame or if you’re just feeling adventurous!

    19. Angel Cheesecake (Gateau de Voyage)

    angel cheesecake

    If you want to try something that most people will like eating, this is a creamy cheesecake made from Danish cheese. It has a bit of a lemon flavor to it as well to make it zestier!

    20. Little Devil Chocolat

    little devil chocolat

    This is a bit like the evil twin of the cake mentioned above! It is a must-eat for chocolate lovers. The cake is rich and, like the angel version, has a citrus fruit in it. The little devil cake has some candied orange peel.

    21. Itoya Stationary and Goods


    Do you have a person in your life who is addicted to stationary? That person who has a collection of pens with them wherever they go, or a bunch of beautiful, unused notebooks in their room? This is the place to add to their prized collection! Itoya has a wide range of products from envelopes to magnets. They also sell products exclusive to the airport. If you’re not in the mood to pick up stationary, there are plenty of other items to browse like folding fans or handkerchiefs.

    Itoya’s twitter page (Japanese only)

    22. Coffee and Tea Chocolate Ecorce

    coffee and tea ecorce

    These crunchy treats come in a box together, coffee flavor on one side and tea on the other. “Ecorce” is apparently French for tree bark, making more sense of their texture. These would be great for the people in your life who can’t live without coffee, tea or both!

    Website (Japanese only)

    23. Lemon Baumkuchen Slices

    lemon baum

    These sweet cake slices can be found in Smile Tokyo (where you can find many other sweet items on this list) and in pier 1 and pier 4. These are especially interesting because inside of the regular poundcake it is made of, is some candied lemon peel and baumkuchen! Grab a box of them to enjoy with your family.

    24. Tokyo Chocolat Sand (Honey Lemon Chocolate) Cookies

    honey lemon cookies

    Haven’t had your lemon fix yet? That’s good because there is one more confection on the list with lemon. These cookies which taste like everything their name would suggest. The outside is a chocolate cookie with the honey lemon filling in the middle. These can be purchased at Smile Tokyo too!

    25. Camembert Cheese Souffle

    Haneda has a lot of French desserts! This fluffy souffle is made with camembert from Normandy! It is very luxurious and great for anyone who loves cheese. Find this in Tante Marie in the lobby of terminal 2.

    26. Haneda special Agemochi


    Like many of the items listed here, this agemochi (literally fried mochi) is made to be sold only at Haneda airport. Originally from a shop in Azabujuban in Tokyo, this fried food is interesting in taste and texture! Try it out, give it to your friends and see what they think of this slightly unusual food. It also comes in cute, airplane themed packaging!

    27. Tokyo Airline Chocolate Crunch

    airline chocolate crunch

    This is a beautifully packaged sweet snack that comes in both chocolate and raspberry flavors. The chocolate is sweet, the raspberry is tart and both are crunchy! You can buy them in boxes of 20 in lobbies of terminals 1 and 2.

    28. Tokyo Karikari Financier


    Another crunchy delight is this version of a financier cookie. They’re easy to eat in one bite and come in packs of 8, 16 or 24.

    29. T-shirts (Edo Market or Design Japan Culture Store)

    design japan culture tshirts

    Buying a T-shirt must sound like an ordinary thing to do when you are a tourist in any city. However, Haneda airport has a lot to offer! Design Japan Culture does not only have the decorative household items as mentioned above. They also have quite a large section of anime memorabilia including some exciting shirts! If you’re looking to shop in a more traditional environment, Edo Market on the 4th floor has the atmosphere of the Edo period and has plenty of things to buy, including some novelty tees.

    30. Shiseido Parlour Ganache

    shiseido ganache

    Last but certainly not least, this classy gift from the equally classy Shiseido Parlour. These sweet and slightly crunchy cookies come in red and black packaging. Apparently they’re developing some new flavors as well! Shiseido Parlour’s goods are pretty much located all over the airport, so you’ll definitely have a chance to pick these up!

    31.Cigare by Yoku Moku

    cigare yoku moku

    These light, delicious buttery cookies can be found on the 4th floor at EDO Shikuhinkan, or on the 3rd floor at the Tiat Dutyfree Shop central after going through security. You can buy them in a box of 20 for less than 1400 yen.

    Yoku Moku

    32. N.Y. Caramel Sand

    Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.19.40 PM

    This mouth-watering treat is a sandwich cookie filled with luxurious chocolate and caramel. The name explains it all when you taste them and realize just how delicious the caramel in these buttery cookies is! Find them in terminals 1 and 2, either near gate E or in front of clock tower 3.

    NYC Sand (Japanese only)

    33. Jaga Pokkuru

    jaga pokkuru

    These crunchy potato snacks are sold only in a few locations in Japan. Luckily, one of those places happens to be Haneda airport, which makes it a must-buy for travelers! Coming from Hokkaido, these snacks are made with the potatoes from that region. You can find these in boxes at the duty free shop on the 2nd floor.

    34. Tokyo Omotesando Raspberry Cake

    raspberry cake

    If you are not interested in the apple baumkuchen from Karl Juchheim, you might prefer the raspberry cake instead! This frosted cake with a raspberry filling is another exclusive to Haneda airport. You can find this delightful souvenir in the 2nd terminal lobby or the departure lobby near the 2nd clock tower.

    35. Tokyo Aircle

    tokyo aircle

    Not only is this item tasty, it is also the perfect souvenir due to its ultra light weight! Tokyo Aircle are crispy meringue cookies with a sweet, light taste. And of course, they won’t make any problems when you weigh your luggage at the counter!

    36. Royce Nama chocolate

    royce nama chocolate

    This chocolate is (happily) available in several places around the airport. Most who happen upon it want to buy the signature flavor of Japan, matcha, as a souvenir for their family or friends. Matcha is definitely delicious, but there are other flavors of this elegant chocolate to bring back too!


    37. Haneda Kocha Baumkuchen (Karl Juchheim)

    black tea baumkuchen

    Another unique cake from Karl Juchheim that will not disappoint! This cake is layered with kocha (black tea) filling in the middle. A simple treat that is elegant and not too sweet!

    38. Azabu Karinto

    azabu karinto

    A sweet, fried snack, Azabu Karinto comes in a variety of flavors. From the usual brown sugar to raisin or apple pie. Their adorable boxes make them excellent souvenirs too. A taste of Japan in a colorful box! Or, you can also get the packaging that is exclusive to Haneda! What more could you want?

    39. Pudding Pancakes

    pudding pancake

    You’ve seen the pudding roll cake but how about this? Pudding pancakes! Fluffy pancakes filled with a serving of custard pudding. Smooth and sweet, these would make a great souvenir for anyone. They come in packs of 4, 8 or 12 and are available at Smile Tokyo.

    40. Muso Castella

    muso castella

    This is a great souvenir for travelers in need of organic or halal goods! This castella cake is made from natural ingredients and tastes delicious. It comes in honey, brown sugar and of course, matcha flavors!

    Before You Go

    Haneda Airport is actually quite an interesting place to explore. There are so many shops and restaurants with great environments that you might not even feel like you’re in an airport! Be sure to explore as much as you can before you get on board your flight. Have a safe journey!

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