Tenga ー Amazing Japanese Toys to Help Men…Relax!

  • Adult toys are tricky, even when buying them in your home country. How to use them? What brands are safe? Am I going to end up with plastic shards in unsuspected places? Relax. I mean, REALLY relax because Tenga has it covered.

    Boys Toys


    Unlike adult toys that cater to women, Japanese brand Tenga is for the gents. The company was founded in 2005 and its products are now sold in 42 countries, including Japan. They offer 6 major products for your (or his) pleasure and are sold in sex shops, variety stores and online. Looking for a crazy souvenir for your lonely friends? Tenga will surely blow their minds.

    The most famous masturbation aides from Japan are probably the real looking dolls like pictured above. They are beautiful, however, if you don’t want to break the bank and shell out hundreds of dollars for one of those beauties make sure to check out 3 of Tenga’s great products below. And by checking out I mean buy and try out. No one will know, but you will sleep better, and with a smile on your face!

    Tenga Cup


    The cup is a disposable cup for masturbation and is available in a variety of sensations, from hard to soft. The beauty of this device is that you can do your business and just toss it in the bin afterwards! No mess to clean up, and no pile of tissues needed! Don’t, I repeat, DON’T reuse the cup. Disposable means just that, you don’t want a nasty infection in your nether regions. Prices start around 500 Yen.

    Flip Hole


    The flip hole is amazing, AMAZING. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. The beauty of this device is the fact that it is reusable (about 50 times), washable and even heatable! You just need to run it under hot water. After all, who wants to put their thing into a cold thing! It is the King of masturbatory devices. Treat yo’self. These ones can be a little pricey, though, they start from 5000 Yen and up.

    Tenga Egg


    These things are just an amazing and crazy invention. A variety of textures, cheap, disposable. You can work your way through the options to find a texture you like, from the adventurous sounding twister to the more subtle wavy option. Prices start at around 350 Yen.

    Recently Tenga has reduced its couples and feminine options. The Tenga company seems to be branching out, and increase its demographic. Good job, Tenga, good job. If you need more in-depth instructions on the use of Tenga items, check out the variety of videos on Youtube. This may not be suitable for viewing at work, though, you have been warned. The following one is fairly safe though with no nudity, just an explanation.

    So there you have it, another unique experience for you to try! After all, adult playing can be hard! Get some happiness while you can, no strings attached! You can click here to visit their global website…

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