What to Buy in Hokkaido: 40 Cool and Delicious Souvenirs from Japan’s Snow Country

  • Hokkaido, the largest prefecture in Japan, is more likely known for its vast natural reserves, finest powdered snow, and perhaps seafood. But did you know that this gorgeous wintry snow country is also home to many proud souvenirs like Hokkaido milk or Shiroi Koibito chocolate?


    This article will help you find that this prefecture is more than just “snow country.”

    1. Caramel series


    For those who really love Japan’s unique flavors of Kitkats, Coca-colas, and the like, the sheer variety of caramel flavors will be a very pleasant surprise. They can be seen as collector’s items with more flavors than you can count. Soup curry caramel, Genghis Khan caramel, even “normal” flavors, you name it! Oh, and they are all Hokkaido-made: even better!

    2. Asunaro Farming Yogurt


    This natural, non-sugar yogurt drink is made from grass-eating cows in the healthiest environment of Hokkaido’s Shimizu cho, Tokachi spread-out wilderness. This pretty guarantees the freshest, most likely tastiest yogurt drink you’ll ever have!


    3. Jaga Pokkuru


    Calbee is seriously king of Japanese chips indeed! Here is yet another crispy masterpiece made with un-skinned Hokkaido potatoes. They are like crispier, take-home versions of your favorite french fries.


    4. “Beauty” wine


    Catering especially to women, these fruity wines are a blend of wine and the added collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C. It’s supposed to keep your skin healthy and body healthy! You’ll also love the cute, girly anime-ish drawings of Japanese girls on the slim bottle.

    Tanaka Shuzo Brewery

    5. Sapporo Times Square

    The softest, creamiest sponge cake you will ever have, you will surely lavish the custard cream inside! You can also get this snack at Sapporo Ekimae, Odori, or Susukino.


    6. Buono Buono cheese cake


    Buono buono is actually a cheesecake store with over 20 varieties of cheesecakes you probably never experienced, such as cheese cream puffs and other interesting Japanese creations. But the most recommended is this creamy, delicious “kaese.”

    Buono Buono

    7. Sweet Potato (Cranberry)


    When you see this sweet potato snack you will of course be naturally surprised by its large form! Then, you will be even more surprised at the tastiness of sweet potato which has been baked into pastry form.


    8. Haskapp Jewelry


    One of the most popular souvenirs of Chitose City, the Haskapp “Jewelry” are exquisite cookies sandwiched with butter cream and blueberry, making for a slightly sweet and sour taste.


    9. Dream balloon cream puffs


    As you can only find this in the New Chitose Airport, the “cup” cream puffs are usually a must buy! The crispy outer and chewy interior make a beautiful collaboration. Don’t forget to check it out when you are at the airport!


    10. Kinotoya Baked cheese tart


    Made of a 3 cheese blend, these crispy cheese tarts melt in your mouth at the first bite. They are also available at the New Chitose Airport, so be sure to get them on your way home!


    Candy for your eyes and mouth, who would have thought? The plaid and heart shaped patterned chocolates seem just like details you can find on clothing! They are also quite popular as Valentine’s Day gifts.

    JR Tower Paseo

    12. Steiff & Lloyds Praline chocolate


    Another item that is airport-limited is this box of cute bear-shaped chocolates, which you can get at Steiff Nature World, a stuffed-animal museum in New Chitose. There are 6 each of strawberry and lemon flavors.

    Steiff Official Shop

    13. Yukiyakonko


    Individually packaged inside the box, these bitter chocolate biscuits sandwich a sweet white chocolate center and can make the perfect souvenir to pass out to your friends.


    14. Royce nama choco


    You may already know about the famous Royce chocolates, as you can not only find them in Hokkaido but other airports around Japan.


    15. Potato chip choco


    Also made by the king of nama choco that is Royce’, the unexpected blend of salty chip and sweet choco might actually be your next addiction!


    16. Ganso Tokibi Choco


    For all the sweet tooths out there, the Ganso Tokibi choco is a super-sweet chocolate bar covered in Hokkaido corn and coated with white chocolate. Basically you can experience all the flavors of Hokkaido in one bite!

    Hokkaido Travel Net

    17. Horse Oil soap gold bar


    Hokkaido is famous for their handsome horses, so it’s not surprising that you can get this certain brand of horse oil soap only in Hokkaido! Horse oil is supposed to be great for moisturizing your hair as well as skin!

    18. Sapporo Kinako yaki chocora


    Surprisingly, it is a grilled meat place that runs the patisserie which created this chocolate masterpiece that actually won the Sapporo Sweets 2015 grand prix. Starting from the starry night sky as an original concept, kinako is mixed in with white chocolate and soy, and topped with pearl sugar to create that starry image.


    19. Dorayaki (B Ya)


    At first glance, it might be possible to mistake this special dorayaki as s’mores! Sandwiched between the two flour mini-pancakes are rum-flavored cream and azuki red beans. When you take a bite, the bouncy texture and sweetness will take over. After all, this isn’t your average dorayaki.


    20. Siretoco Factory kawaii donuts


    Baked in honey, these cute donuts with little animal faces sticking out from the middle are too adorable to eat! They are so popular that you can even find them in Tokyo and Ueno Station!

    Siretoco Factory

    21. Bin de Fromage


    As the most popular snack at Otaru Pastry shop Letao, this is a 2 layer dessert of baked cream cheese and mascarpone cheese mixed into a very fashionable glass bottle which you can keep for your delicious memories!


    22. Maron coron


    The long time best seller of the confectionary store Maron Coron is this sable sandwich with a chocolate coating. It comes in almonds, cheese, cacao and other yummy flavors!

    Otaru Amato

    23. Hokkaido white raspberry


    With its lovely girlish visuals, there is no denying that these cookies would be popular! Not to mention the sweet taste, which is made of the white chocolate coating with corn puffs and dainty little raspberry crumbs. Heaven on earth!

    Bon Bon Seika

    24. Shiroi koibito chocolate


    Basically what Hokkaido is known for, you can’t go wrong with Shiroi Koibito “white lover” chocolate. Despite the odd name, it’s a very elegant thin vanilla-flavored cookie sandwich with a soft white chocolate layer inside. Be prepared to have your friends coming back for more!


    25. Strawberry choco white


    So…you know about chocolate dipped strawberries, but did you know about these white chocolate goodies? The slight sourness of these freeze-dried strawberries and the sweet white chocolate perfectly represents Hokkaido to a T.

    26. White Black Thunder


    Black Thunder is one of the most popular chocolate snacks you can find in your local convenience store, so it’s no wonder Hokkaido has their own white-chocolate version limited to the land of famous Hokkaido milk. As the cost is quite cheap and the small size quite convenient, this could be that perfect gift or….your own afternoon tea snack.

    Hokkaidocho Akarenga Store

    27. Special kitkats


    The Kitkat craze is still going strong. Collect them all at Hokkaido’s airport: blueberry cheesecake, uji matcha, you name it, they have it!

    New Chitose Airport

    28. Hokkaido instant ramen


    Although yes, Japanese ramen pretty much tastes good all over the country, of course each area has their own specialty.


    29. Dried scallop


    Hokkaido is near the ocean so of course the area is very famous for seafood, especially crab and the dried variety like scallop! These dried scallops would go well with your favorite alcoholic drink.


    30. Hokkaido Hidaka milk


    You may already know that Hokkaido milk is famous! Hidaka milk is recommended for its freshness and convenience as you can buy it in any conbini!

    Wakasaimo Honpo Rusutsu Souvenir Shop

    31. Double Fromage


    The name refers to this delicious double layered fluffy cheesecake! It’s unlike any other baked cheesecake you have ever tasted, as its blend of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese go together perfectly!


    32. Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake


    So popular it was even introduced on a TV show, this cheesecake was made to resemble the snow-covered grounds of Hokkaido. The slight sourness of grape jam, cinnamon, thick cheese over a tart tastes so divine!

    Furano Kaneshin Shinya

    33. Cheese Omelette


    As it sells out at New Chitose Airport every evening, this just shows how this souffle-type of cheesecake is a big hit. It melts in your mouth just like a fluffy omelette though it has maple and baked chocolate flavoring.

    New Chitose Airport

    34. Hokkaido Cookie (YOSHIMI)


    Using Hokkaido butter and flour to achieve the crispy texture, there is also a flavor using freeze-dried strawberry with white chocolate! Great for those with a sweet tooth!

    New Chitose Airport

    35. Hokkaido Milk Castella


    Produced by a world famous pastry chef, these castella are unlike any other because they were made with the purest of Hokkaido milk.

    New Chitose Airport

    36. Sanporoku


    Sanporoku, made by Ryugetsu, a quality maker of confectionaries whose stores can be found all over Japan, is a baumkuchen with a milk and white chocolate coating. All ingredients are from Hokkaido which makes it a very authentic gift.

    Ryugetsu*Japanese Only

    37. Daiheigen


    The most buttery madeleine you will ever taste, its rich taste is made of generous amounts of Hokkaido butter. If you’re a Madeleine fan, this is to die for!


    38. Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitokibi


    Another favorite of Hokkaido locals is this snack with a funny sounding name! Made from Hokkaido corn, this crispy snack made from Japanese mochi rice is an addictive one!

    New Chitose Airport

    39. Caramel Kitchen’s Caramel Biscuit


    If you ever thought a slab of caramel would go perfectly with a cookie biscuit, then you’ve gotta get your hands on these caramel biscuits! They must be refrigerated to ensure the best flavor.

    New Chitose Airport

    40. Hokkaido Cosmetics



    You can find many cosmetic products made of Hokkaido-originated ingredients, such as kelp, soap using lavender oils from Furano, skincare items made of honey, toiletries made of horse oil.

    New Chitose Airport


    So after you are done savoring all of Hokkaido’s fresh edible goodies like ramen and crab, and are literally wondering what to buy back home for your family and friends back home, you can look over this list of all the wonderful things Hokkaido has to offer! Enjoy your trip!

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