Shining golden farmlands, where you can sense Japan’s traditions, within reach of Tokyo!

  • SPOT
  • “Tanada”, traditional Japanese agricultural terraces for rice growing
    One of the areas chosen for inclusion in the “Top 100 ‘tanada’ of Japan” is in Chiba Prefecture, close to Tokyo
    How about looking at this traditional yet mystical landscape and experiencing days gone by?



    Stunning scenery of around 370 rice paddies rising in steps up the steep mountainsides
    This collection of large and small rice fields is in fact the only place in Japan where rice is successfully cultivated using rainwater alone
    If you become the owner of one of these rice fields, you can harvest rice that you have grown with the labor of your own hands



    In fall, there is also an event in which 3,000 pine torches are lit
    You can spend a wonderful evening in which your spirit is soothed by the orange light which gently illuminates the magnificent natural surroundings.



    Why not visit Oyama Senmaida and see its rich variety of expressions of the changing seasons, from the green mountains of spring to the foliage of fall?