7 Interesting Otaku Types You May Meet on Your Travels

7 Interesting Otaku Types You May Meet on Your Travels

Otaku can be loosely termed as “geeks” in the English language. Basically, otakus are people who are obsessed with a certain interest – sometimes to an unhealthy extent. These are some of the common types of otaku you may come across in Japan.

1. Anime/Manga Otaku

This type of otaku generally has a large collection of manga and has watched tons of anime series. Some may even daydream about their favorite character and write fanfiction or draw doujinshi (self-published work).

2. Idol Otaku


This group of people is also known as wota. The most popular idol group is currently AKB48. Other notable idol groups are Arashi, Morning Musume, and C-ute. Sometimes wota buy numerous CDs of their favorite idol groups in order to get an opportunity to go to the handshake events of their idols. Some wotas even create dance moves for their favorite idol songs.

3. Cosplay Otaku

Cosplay otakus are usually a subset of anime or manga otakus. However, there may be cosplay otakus who simply relish the idea of dressing up in fancy clothes without being crazy about any anime or manga in particular. Some cosplay otakus opt for the DIY route and sew their own clothes, make their own gadgets and so forth while others take the easy route and just buy them.

4. Game Otaku

These otakus spend most of their time playing video games. Some play games such as the ‘Massively multiplayer online role-playing games’ (MMORPG) genre where they can interact and make friends with others online.

5. Figurine Otaku

These are the ones who are obsessed about collecting figurines, be it of their favorite character or simply for the aesthetics.

6. Robot Otaku


This branch of otaku could also be a subset of anime or manga otakus who like the mecha-based series such as Gundam. Robot otakus could also be figurine otakus who collect and build their favorite robot model. Some, more extreme otakus build their own robots from scratch.

7. Train Otaku

Train otakus are fascinated by trains and take pictures of trains, buy train models, research trains etc.

Are you an otaku? If so, which type of otaku are you? While I love certain things like manga, games and Japan, in general, I don’t think that I am obsessed enough to be considered an otaku!

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