Looking to Study in Japan? 3 Famous Universities to Consider in Hokkaido

  • Asahikawa is a city in the center of Hokkaido island which is famous not only for its beautiful climate but also, and who could forget, the famous Asahikawa ramen. This city is one of the centers of commerce and education in the whole island. It has some nice educational institutions which need to be put on the map right away.

    1. Tokai University

    Tokai University is a large private university whose main campus is situated in Tokyo, Japan. It has many subsidiaries all across Japan. One of which is the famous Hokkaido Tokai University which has two campuses in Hokkaido; one in Sapporo which offers courses in science and engineering and the other in Asahikawa offering art and technology courses. Tokai University is famous for its unique courses, especially in Northern European languages and pilot training. It is also famous for its advanced research facilities in science, engineering and technology.

    Solar Car designed by Tokai University Students


    Tokai University Website

    2. Hokkaido University of Education (HUE)

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    HUE is a public university dedicated to training students in the teaching field. It has five campuses all across Hokkaido. The largest campus is in Sapporo and one of its prominent branches is in Asahikawa. HUE is one among the few teaching institutions in Japan. It is a reputable teacher training university in the region.

    Hokkaido University of Education Website

    3. Asahikawa Medical University


    Asahikawa Medical University is an elite medical school in Hokkaido which is a public or national university. It was created by the government in order to reduce the shortage of physicians in Hokkaido. It has a very beautiful campus with state of the art architecture including a very big library with more than a hundred thousand prints and a hospital to treat hundreds of patients every day. The Asahikawa Medical University Hospital is one of the most famous and important hospitals in the entire island of Hokkaido.

    Asahikawa Medical University Website


    Apart from the aforementioned, there are other public and private educational institutions in and around Asahikawa, Hokkaido. It is a great place to pursue one’s education because of the advanced educational and commercial facilities available. It has the ideal environment for the life of a university student.

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