Time to Hit the Slopes: Top 3 Ski Resorts to Visit this Winter!

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  • How do you want to enjoy winter in Japan? Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in Japan. Around Japan, mainly in the regions which have a lot of snow in winter, there are a lot of great ski resorts. Here, I will show you the top 3 ski resorts in Japan!

    Naeba Ski Resort (苗場スキー場)


    The ski courses here are great, but this ski resort also has a lot of delicious restaurants. You have many choices, such as cheap Japanese food, fast food, French dishes and so on. There is a free drink service for young children as well. Also, there is an indoor space for children so it’s a great place for the entire family. There are many events that occur in ski season, so it is like an entertainment resort.

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    Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort (栂池高原スキー場)


    Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort is located in the Nagano prefecture. It has a course downhill which is about 5000 metres! The best part about this ski resort is that their courses are larger and longer than other ski resorts. Very exciting! Also, as there is plenty of space it is easy for beginners to practice in their own space too.

    Tsugaike Kogen Website

    Kagura Ski Resort (かぐらスキー場)

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    Kagura Ski Resort is located in the Nigata prefecture. Here you can appreciate great views and the quality of snow is really high. From the end of the December to March, you will more than likely enjoy the great quality of the powdery snow. Ski courses are large so it’s possible to have fun in groups as well. On top of that, this ski resort has a hot spring to relax in after a fun day of skiing.

    Prince Snow Resorts Website

    Japan has so many great ski resorts. So take your pick and enjoy winter in the snow!