Best Japanese skin-brightening products

  • What do you think about Japanese skin, particularly face?
    Probably you would say “white” or “smooth-looking”. Is is because for the Japanese, beautiful skin is defined as white and smooth, especially for girls. They really care about their skin every day and they seek for the ways to make it “whiter” (or brighter). There are lot of amazing products to protect their skin and to “whiten” it. I’ll tell you about some amazing products to keep your skin blemish-free, and I think you can find most of them in drug store when you visit Japan!

    1. Sekkisei series by KOSE

    Sekkisei is one the most famous skin-whitening product lines by KOSE. There is a big variety of products such as cleansers, lotions, moisturizers and creams.
    Those products are really good at brightening your skin by reducing freckles and blemishes.
    And also, most of those products are SPF.

    Sekkisei by KOSE is anywhere from 3000~10000 yen ( depending on products)

    2. ALLIE sunblocks by KANEBO

    ALLIE is one of the most popular sunblocks is Japan, and especially the green type which is on the photo. ALLIE line has many effect for making your skin beautiful, which are different in different products.
    The green one is ALLIE extra moisturizing gel, it is a waterproof gel-type cream that contains skin-hydrating essences.
    So, if you have any skin problems, such as dry skin, you can use this product as both sunblock and skin care.

    ALLIE sunblocks by KANEBO
    2100 yen

    3. Hatomugi lotion by Naturie

    Recently, Hatomugi lotion’s popularity is increasing rapidly. Is is caused by it’s amazing quality, ingredients, and cost.
    TYou can use this lotion as a face mask (put this lotion on cottons and apply on your face). It makes a great face mask. After taking a shower, you can also use this lotion for your whole body. It moisturizes and brightens your body. This lotion is mostly made from Hatomugi (tear grass), which has ability to make skin bright and healthy. In addition, cost of Hatomugi lotion is really cheap. It comes in 500ml bottle, but the price is just 600 yen!!!

    Hatomugi lotion
    600 yen

    Here you are, I introduced you most popular Japanese skin-brightening products. I bet those products can make your skin eve more beautiful! Of course, there are more than three products in Japan. You can find a lot of good cosmetics that match you best!

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