Tips and Tricks for Less Queuing Time at Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

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  • Planning to visit the renowned Universal Studios in Japan on your travels this year? Located at the heart of Osaka, this theme park is always crowded and packed full of visitors from all over the world. Hence, it’s important that you gear yourself up on the tips and tricks for this particular visit!

    Buy Your Tickets Early

    It is always a good idea to purchase your entrance tickets well before the day of the visit to prevent getting stuck in the super long queue at the main ticketing office counter. There are a few ways to get your tickets beforehand and buying through a travel agency would be one of the highly recommended options. You could probably save up to 30 minutes of queue time (and that’s if it’s on one of the good, less-crowded days).

    Another option is to buy online from the official Universal Studios website itself. But bear in mind that you would only be able to purchase it this way if you log onto the Japanese web version. Up until today, many foreign visitors are still unaware of this method due to the hassles of trying to translate everything from Japanese to English. In fact, there are just so many empty fields to fill up (in Japanese!) that one may opt to just skip this not-so-ideal option.

    Nevertheless, if you have come unprepared and still wish to visit Universal Studios Japan, you may find the next method I’m about to share the next best thing. Skip the long queue and head directly to the hotels located on the Universal City Walk. I kid you not, the queue will probably take you 15 minutes max! I have tried buying my tickets this way twice (in 2012 and 2014) and yet it never fails to surprise me that no one seems to be aware of this ticket counter in the hotel.


    Harry Potter Craze


    In terms of attractions in the theme park, Universal Studios Japan will definitely not let you down. In fact, they launched ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park’ in 2014 and all the Harry Potter fans were dying to have a taste of the renowned “Butterbeer” at the village of “Hogsmeade”.

    Fast Pass


    Due to the large crowds, it is also a must for visitors to get a timed entry pass (fast pass) to the park. It’s free of charge, of course, but there is a limited quantity to it. Hence, you better head straight to the Harry Potter ticketing counter once you pass the main entrance. It will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

    Universal Studios Japan Website


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