3 Things to Enjoy at the Whimsical Ogo Green Flower Pasture in Gunma

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  • The Ogo Green Flower Pasture offers many exciting experiences to its guests. Do you like nature, festivals, and having fun with your family? Visit this intriguing piece of land on a bright sunny day and explore its many features. Create valuable memories and have fun all day. Here are a few things one will find at this pasture.

    A Landmark

    ogo pasture windmill

    One of the main attractions of this place is the Dutch-style windmill that’s twenty-two meters high. People come from all over to view this magnificent structure and learn the ins and outs of the windmill. If you’re coming here from a far distance, there are many hotels around that are able to accommodate multiple guests. No need to rush your stay just to get back home before dark.

    Furry Friends and Fun

    ogo pasture kids

    At this pasture there is fun for an entire family, kids included. It has a petting zoo full of sheep, ponies, rabbits, and so much more. Keep your children entertained for hours there, and at the play areas with slides and other equipment. For more adult- oriented fun, there are guest cabins on the property to stay in, as well as fire pits.

    Food and Festivals

    ogo pasture festival

    This pasture has many shops that sell things like fruit and vegetables. Each bag full of food has the name of the farmer who grew the crops on it. There are many different farmers who contribute. People can also enjoy many different restaurants that serve various types of noodles, BBQ, and even ice cream for the kids. In the spring, the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossoms) Festival takes place here. In the winter, there is the Windmill Festival.

    There is so much to see at the Ogo Green Flower Pasture. Join in on the fun with all of your friends and family. Eat fresh food, have fun with animals, admire the windmill, and so much more.

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