Japan’s Sakura Craze: drink it, eat it and wear it!

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    The cherry trees bloom only one week and remind everyone of evanescence. This bittersweet fact, that nothing lasts forever is actually a sad one, but that is how life works. Philosophically wise the cherry blossom is amazing and the soft pink colour adds to its popularity.
    During March/April everything seems to be sakura themed. Here are the most interesting items we would like to introduce to you:

    1. Sakura Body Shop set

    With a pleasant smell and a scent of spring, this sakura set of body cream, shampoo and lotion will definitely pamper your inner princess (or prince). (¥3,456,- incl. tax)

    2. Sakura at Starbucks

    Each year, Starbucks has a new collection for every season. Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas… and in Japan, of course, the sakura edition! Either the Caramelly Sakura Chocolate Latte or Caramelly Sakura Chocolate Frappuccino lets us totally forget about new years resolutions. There is still hope for the strong ones who want to enjoy sakura anyway, with beautiful tumblers, bottles or mugs, or just with a sakura gift card. (¥400-500, incl. tax)

    3. Sakura room candle


    Especially for those who work a lot from home, this room fragrance might sooth your stress during a busy time. It also works as a nice gift for anyone who likes a cozy home.(¥800-1000, incl. tax)

    4. Sakura flower stud earrings


    These feminine stud earrings will make spring feel a bit closer. Made of corals and the stud part being K18, they are an amazing gift for any woman who enjoys simple beauty.(¥7000-9000, incl. tax)

    5. Sakura mochi choco sweets


    Tirol chico is a popular chocolate brand and is famous for offering different tastes at all times. No wonder they have a special edition for the cherry blossom season. With pink “sakura” chocolate on the outside, and mochi (rice cake) on the inside. (10pcs, ¥900-1000,- incl. tax)