Saikyo Ramen Fes 2016 Is Coming! Taste the Best of Ramen in Japan!

  • Ramen is one of the most well-known dishes in Japan around the world. Although this popular noodle dish is originally from China, Japan is the country that comes to mind whenever you hear of this filling dish. Ramen is best eaten during the cold months, but, of course, it’s also a dish you can eat whenever you feel like it.

    Japan boasts a number of ramen dishes all throughout its prefectures with each having a distinct taste that differentiates it from one other. If you love ramen or want to take a further look at what this hearty dish can offer, then you might want to check out the Saikyo Ramen Fes 2016!

    Saikyo Ramen Fes 2016

    ramen fes poster

    The Saikyo Ramen Fes is an event that has been operating every year since 2009 and has showcased a number of ramen dishes from all around Japan since it started. Aside from ramen, there are also other noodle dishes like tsukemen and mazemen for noodle enthusiasts to try out.

    This year, 40 noodle shops from all across Japan will gather again at the Machida Shibahiro with 10 shops consecutively rotating each week starting from March 31st to April 24th. And aside from the noodle dishes present during the event, there will also be a ramen workshop where you can learn on hand experience from the ramen professionals themselves!

    ramen fes week 1

    Operating hours for the event will be from 11 am to 9 pm with last orders taken at 8:30. Tickets can also be bought at Seven Tickets for ¥50 off!

    The spring season is kicking in, but the cold atmosphere that winter left is still lurking around. And of course with that cold, a good bowl of Ramen is sure to heat things up. Whether you live in Japan or are coming for vacation, make sure to check out the Saikyo Ramen Fes for a different ramen experience!

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