Kyoko Ito: the Rocker’s Wife Who Leads a Quiet Life

  • Do you like learning about your favorite celebrities? Many of them lead such glamorous lives in the public eye. Others are mysterious and like to keep to themselves. Let’s see who Kyoko Ito (イトウ・キョウコ) is and what she has to offer.

    Away From the Spotlight

    kyoko ito

    Kyoko Ito was born in Japan and frequently travels around her home country as well as her new one. This woman likes to keep her life private and enjoys keeping to herself and her family. She’s an educated, well-rounded woman and supports her husband’s endeavours on tours and in the comfort of their home.

    Relationship With Rivers Cuomo

    Kyoko Ito’s husband, Rivers Cuomo, is a well-known American musician and singer-songwriter. He is beloved by many as the lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the alternative rock band Weezer. He has recorded over ten albums with his band and they have sold 9.2 million albums in the US and over 17 million worldwide.

    Kyoko Ito and Rivers Cuomo met in 1997 at The Middle East Club, which is a restaurant and nightclub, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was a student at a local college in the area at the time. The couple was married in June 2006 in Malibu, California. The wedding took place on a secluded beach with a small number of people. Together they have a daughter named Mia who was born in 2007 and a son named Leo, born in 2012.

    On one of Cuomo’s tours in 2009, Kyoko Ito and Mia even came along. Kyoko Ito’s family has a permanent home in the United States, occasionally making visits to Japan. Kyoko Ito and Rivers Cuomo’s children have picked up on their father’s musical gifts. At eight-years-old, daughter Mia played keyboard for one of the band’s performances of “Perfect Situation.” Additionally, their three-year-old son Leo displayed a riveting inflatable guitar solo in the midst of “Back to the Shack”.

    Work in Japan

    kyoko ito pingmag

    Before relocating to the United States, Ito worked at a magazine in Tokyo called PingMag. She was an editor and a translator for them. Cuomo visited her quite frequently in Tokyo as well and helped her take care of her mother when she got sick one year. When she moved out of Japan she continued contributing to the magazine until it was shut down.

    We all enjoy learning about our favorite celebrities. Kyoko Ito is a private person and has lived an interesting life. Are you a fan of Weezer? How much did you know about Kyoko Ito?

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