Cool Down with Some Melony Deliciousness at Starbucks Japan!

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  • Starbucks Japan is always finding ways to come up with new and exciting flavors. Green tea and sakura flavors have already been introduced in Starbucks and in numerous food and beverage stores all over Japan. So for a limited time, Starbucks Japan recently introduced a new fruity flavor, which uses a new special ingredient very rarely used in Japan, cantaloupe!

    Starbucks Cantaloupe Frappuccino

    The cantaloupe beverage will be a part of the Starbuck’s frappuccino range in Japan. If you are not familiar with the drinks available at Starbucks, a frappuccino is a frozen coffee beverage. Unfortunately, while the new Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino seems like a creative idea that is likely to attract many customers, especially in the warmer seasons, this flavor will not be a permanent addition to the menu. The Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino will only be available from 13th April to 17th May 2016. Also, it is only available in a tall size only, at 630 yen.

    What is Cantaloupe?


    The type of cantaloupe being used to create this new delicious flavor is the red variety which is popular across the United States and Europe. The cantaloupe is known to have a rich aroma and mild sweetness, and as actual chunks of cantaloupe will be served in your frappuccino, you will get to taste the fresh and juicy cantaloupe pulp! Therefore, be sure to use the large straw when devouring your cantaloupe frappucino. According to Starbucks Japan, this limited addition cantaloupe frappuccino is akin to eating the real thing. Yum!

    What else is in it?

    This new limited time addition also includes ingredients like pannacotta cream and is also topped with whipped cream, giving it that creamy, fruity goodness. The presentation is also very appealing to the eye (and stomach), with the beautiful contrast of orange and white creamy-ness. This truly is the perfect beverage for summer!

    Aside from the new drink to come, Starbucks will also be releasing a new set of items for the summer!

    starbucks new items 1

    These will include the logo cold cup tumbler whip lid available in a dotted or frappuccino print design, a stainless ring bottle, a polkadot double wall glass, beverage pop-up card, and 2 new Starbucks cards in ‘His and Her’ designs all to be released alongside the Cantaloupe Melon & Cream Frappucino.

    starbucks new items 2

    So, if you’re in Japan between 13th April to 17th May, be sure to grab these adorable new items as well as one of these delicious cantaloupe frappuccinos while they’re still available! Hopefully in the near future, Starbucks Japan will use Yubari Melon as well because that would be a delicious addition to their summer range of frappuccinos too.

    Starbucks Japan Website

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